Yahweh is the king!
I want everyone on the earth to be glad/happy,
and the people who live on the islands in the oceans to also rejoice about that!
There are very dark clouds around him to hide him;
he rules [MTY] righteously/justly and fairly.
He sends fire in front of him,
and he completely burns all his enemies in that fire.
All around the world he causes lightning to flash;
people on the earth see it, and it causes them to be afraid and tremble.
The mountains/hills melt like wax in front of Yahweh,
the one who is the Lord, who rules over all the earth.
The angels in [MTY] heaven proclaim that he acts righteously,
and all the people-groups see his glory.
Everyone who worships idols should be ashamed;
all those who are proud of their false gods should realize that their gods are useless,
It is as though all those gods bow down to worship Yahweh.
The people [MTY] of Jerusalem hear about Yahweh and are glad/happy,
and people in the other [MTY] cities in Judah also rejoice,
because Yahweh judges and punishes wicked people.
Yahweh is the supreme king over all the earth;
he has very great power, and all the other gods have no power at all.
10 Yahweh loves those who hate what people do that is evil;
he protects the lives of his people,
and he rescues them when the wicked people try to harm them.
11 His light shines on righteous people;
he causes those who are righteous to rejoice.
12 You righteous people, rejoice about what Yahweh has done,
and thank him, our holy God!