All throught the night while I lay on my bed,
I longed for the one whom I love.
I desired for him to come,
but he did not come.
So I said to myself,
“I will get up now and walk around the city,
through the streets and plazas,
to search for the one whom I love.”
So I got up and searched for him,
but I could not find him.
The city watchmen saw me
while they were patrolling/walking around the city.
I asked them,
“Have you seen the one whom I love?”
As soon as I walked past them,
I found the one whom I love.
I clung to him and would not let him go
until I had brought him to my mother's house,
to the room where my mother had conceived me (OR, where I was born).
You women of Jerusalem,
solemnly promise me, while the does and gazelles are listening, that you will not
disturb us while we are making love
until we are ready to quit.
One of their friends speaks
Who is it that is coming from the desert,
who is stirring up dust like a column of smoke
from burning myrrh and incense
made from spices imported by merchants?
It is Solomon, sitting in his portable chair
surrounded by sixty bodyguards
chosen from the strongest/greatest warriors in Israel.
They all have swords
and they all ◄are trained to/know well how to► use them.
Each one has his sword strapped to his side
and is prepared to defend Solomon from dangers that might occur even during the night.
King Solomon commanded his servants to make that portable chair for him;
it was made with wood from Lebanon.
10 The canopy that covered it was ◄held up/supported► by posts made of silver,
and the back of the chair was embroidered with gold.
The seat/cushion was covered with purple cloth
lovingly made/woven by the women of Jerusalem.
11 You women of Jerusalem,
come and look at King Solomon
wearing the headdress that his mother put on his head
on the day when he was married,
the day when he [SYN] was very happy.