I solemnly command you to preach the true message and do everything that you ought to do.
2 Timothy 4:1-8
Christ Jesus is going to come back and judge those who are living when he comes and those who will have died. He will judge them concerning what rewards they deserve, and he will rule everyone. So, knowing that he and God are watching everything that we do, I solemnly/earnestly command you that you proclaim the true message to people. Always be ready/prepared to proclaim it, whether people want to hear it or not. Some people are saying things that are not correct; ◄refute their teaching/show why their teaching is wrong►. Rebuke them when they are doing wrong. Tell them what they ought to do. Be very patient while you teach them. Do these things because there will be a time when people will not listen to good teaching. Instead, they will bring in many teachers for themselves who will tell them just what they want to hear [IDM]. The reason that they will bring in such teachers is that they want to do the evil things that they desire. That is, they will not listen to [MTY] what is true, but will listen instead to strange stories from our ancestors. Furthermore, I command that you always control what you think and do. Be willing to endure hardships/suffering. Your work should be telling people the message about Christ Jesus. As you serve the Lord, do everything that God has told you to do.
Timothy, I say these things to you because as for me, it is as though [MET] they are now about to kill me. It is as though my blood will be poured out {they will kill me} as a sacrifice on the altar; that is, I know that it is the time for me to die [EUP]. And as to telling people the good message and defending it, I have ◄exerted myself thoroughly/done it with all my energy► [MET], like a boxer does. As to doing the work that God gave me to do, I have completed it, like a runner who finishes [MET] the race. As to what we believe, I ◄have been loyal to it/continue to believe it►. So, like people award a prize [MET] to the winner of a race, the Lord, who judges rightly, will give me a reward because I have lived righteously. He will give me that reward when [MTY] he judges people. And not only will he reward me, but he will also reward all those who very much want him to come back.
Do your best to come to me soon.
2 Timothy 4:9-15
◄Do your best/Try hard► to come to me soon. 10  I say that because Demas has left me. He wanted very much the good things that he might enjoy [MTY] in this world right now, and so he went to Thessalonica city. Crescens went to serve the Lord in Galatia province, and Titus went to Dalmatia district. 11 Luke is the only one who is still with me of those who were helping me. And when you come, bring Mark with you, because he is useful to help me in my work. 12 Tychicus cannot help me because I sent him to Ephesus city. 13 And when you come, bring the coat that I left with Carpus in Troas city. Also, bring the books, but ◄most of all/especially► I want ◄the parchments/the animal skins► on which important things are written.
14 Alexander, the man who makes things from metal, did many evil/harmful things to me. The Lord will punish him for what he did. 15 So you, too, must beware of him. He will try to destroy your work if he can, because he very much opposes the message that we proclaim.
The Lord will rescue me from everything that is evil and bring me safely to heaven.
2 Timothy 4:16-18
16 When I first defended myself in court here, no one came along to help defend me. Instead, they all left me. I pray that it will not be counted against { God will forgive} them [LIT] for leaving me. 17 Nevertheless, the Lord was with me and strengthened me. He enabled me to fully preach the message, and all the non-Jewish people in the court (OR, people from many nations) heard it. And I was rescued by the Lord { the Lord rescued me} from great danger, as if I were taken [MET] out of a lion's (OR, wild animal's) mouth. 18  Therefore, I am sure that the Lord will rescue me from everything that is truly evil and will bring me safely to heaven, where he rules. Praise him forever! ◄Amen!/May it be so!►
Greet my friends there. Your friends here greet you. May the Lord bless you.
2 Timothy 4:19-22
19 Greet for me Priscilla and her husband Aquila and the family of Onesiphorus. 20 Erastus stayed in Corinth city. Trophimus, I left in Miletus city because he was sick. 21 ◄Do your best/Try hard► to come to me before ◄the stormy season/winter►. Eubulus, Pudens, Linus, Claudia, and many other fellow believers in this city ◄send their greetings to/say that they are thinking affectionately about► you. 22  I pray that the Lord will help you in your spirit, Timothy, and that he will act kindly toward all of you believers who are there.