Remind the believers to act appropriately toward authorities and kindly toward everyone.
Titus 3:1-2
Remind the believers that they should submit to all those who rule them or have authority over them, and that they should obey them. They should be ready to do anything that is helpful. They should never say bad things about anyone, they should not quarrel with people, they should be patient when othersirritate them/do things that they do not like►, and they should always treat all people as important.
God acted kindly toward us and mercifully saved us, even though formerly we were behaving sinfully.
Titus 3:3-7
Remind your congregations about these things because formerly we believers ourselves were also foolish, just like all people who do not believe in Christ are now. We did not obey ◄ God/God's message►. We let others deceive us. We ◄spent all our time doing/continually did► what is evil and could not stop ourselves from doing all the things that our bodies liked [DOU]. We were ◄envying others/desiring to have what others have►. We were causing people to hate us and we were hating one another. 4-5 Even though we were behaving sinfully like this, God our Savior acted kindly and lovingly to us [PRS], and saved us! He did this, not because we did things that are right, but just because he wanted to be merciful to us! He washed us inwardly and gave us a new way of living as a result of the Holy Spirit changing us inwardly. Because we trusted in Jesus Christ our Savior, God put the Holy Spirit within us in order to wonderfully change us. He wanted to erase the record of our sins even though we did not deserve that, and he wanted us to receive all that God desires to give us. These are the things that we confidently expect to receive when we live with him eternally.
I want you to confidently teach this trustworthy message to the believers in order that they will be constantly concerned with doing what is good for others.
Titus 3:8a
These words that I have written are trustworthy. So, I want you to confidently teach the things that I have written about in this letter to those who have trusted in God, in order that they will be constantly devoted/attempting to do deeds that are good and helpful for others.
Have nothing to do with foolish disputes about genealogies and about the Jewish law; and do not allow divisive people who have turned away from the true teachings to influence the believers.
Titus 3:8b-11
These teachings are beneficial and profitable for all people, but there are people who foolishly dispute/argue with you, wanting you to believe senseless ◄ myths/stories that came from your ancestors►, stories in which there are ◄genealogies/lists of your ancestors' names►. They argue and quarrel with you, ◄ insisting/telling youthat you must obey the Jewish laws. ◄Stay completely away from/Do not talk with► them, because arguing about such things is not profitable for anyone. It is completely worthless! 10 Those people, by teaching things that are false, are causing others ◄to turn away from/to quit believing► the true teachings. You must warn them that God will judge them if they continue doing that. If they do not stop, warn them one more time. If they still do not stop, then no longer have anything o do with them. 11 You will know clearly that such persons have deliberately ◄turned away from/quit believing and obeyingthe true teachings. They know that they are doing what is sinful, but they deliberately keep on doing it.
Make every effort to come to me at Nicopolis. Help Zenas and Apollos on their journey. All the believers should likewise learn to devote themselves to doing good deeds for people who especially need help.
Titus 3:12-14
12 I expect to send either Artemas or Tychicus to you. As soon as one of them arrives, ◄make every effort/try hard► to come to me quickly at Nicopolis city, because it is there that I have decided to go and stay during the stormy/winter season. 13 As for Zenas ◄the lawyer/the expert in the law► and Apollos, when they are ready to leave Crete Island, help them as much as you can in order that they may have everything [LIT] that they need as they travel. 14 Moreover, our fellow believers also should learn ◄to devote themselves to doing/to constantly do► good deeds for people who need help in order that they, our fellow believers, will live very useful [LIT] lives.
Everyone who is with me greets you and the other true believers there. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to act kindly toward all of you.
Titus 3:15
15  As I finish this letter, everyone who is with me ◄says that they are thinking affectionately about you/wants me to send greetings to you►. Tell those who are there who love us and believe as we do that we ◄are thinking affectionately about/greet► them. I pray/desire that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to act kindly toward all of you.