A Translation for Translators

A Source Text for Translators of the Holy Bible

In 1999, the International Conference of Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) adopted a proposal called Vision 2025. The leaders of WBT wanted to revitalize concern for the worldwide task of Bible translation. The proposal stated our goal: to begin a Bible translation project in every language in which it is needed by the year 2025. That is a very ambitious goal. It seems an impossible goal. Yet WBT believes God would have them strive to reach this goal, for His glory.

As a translation consultant with WBT, Ellis W. Deibler concluded that the best thing that he could do to bring about the fulfillment of Vision 2025 would be to prepare a new translation of the Scriptures specifically for translators. Existing English translations were not intended to be used as a source text by those who would be translating it into other languages. It is his hope that A Translation for Translators will provide information that a translator needs but which is not included in standard versions. (More about the T4T)

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Note: The Old Testament in this translation is still being worked on, and is in draft form. Updates will be posted at eBible.org/t4t/.
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