The things people do show what sort of people they are
43 Jesus was talking to his followers, and he told them a picture story. He said, “Think about different sorts of trees that give us fruit to eat. Good trees don’t give us rubbish fruit. And rubbish trees don’t give us good fruit. 44 Whenever we look at the fruit of a tree, we know what sort of tree it comes from. Think about it. We don’t get bananas or grapes from a rubbish prickly plant. 45 And it’s like that with people too. Good people think about good things, so they do good things. But bad people think about bad things, so they do bad things, and they say bad things. You see, the things people say, show what they think about.”
(We have not yet translated 6:46—7:10. You can read those stories and messages in Matthew 7:24-27; 8:5-13.)