The women that helped Jesus
After that, Jesus went around to a lot of different towns. In each town he told the people God’s good news. He said, “God wants to have you in his family.” He took his 12 special workers with him.
2-3 There were some women too, that went around with them. They used their own money to buy the things that Jesus and his special workers needed. Before that time, some of those women were sick, but Jesus made them better. And some of them had bad spirits in them, but Jesus forced those bad spirits out of them. One of those women was Mary Magdalene. Jesus forced 7 bad spirits out of her. Another one was Joanna, the wife of Chuza. Chuza was the boss over all the people that worked in the house of the big boss, that was called Herod. Another one of those women was Susanna. And there were lots of other women that went around with Jesus and his followers.*
(We have not yet translated 8:4—9:50. You can read those stories and messages in Mark 3:31-35; 4:1-25, 35-41; 5:1-43; 6:7-44; 8:27—9:8; 9:14-27, 30-40.)
* 8:2-3 Matthew 27:55-56; Mark 15:40-41; Luke 23:49