Mark wrote this good news about Jesus
(The book in the Holy Bible called Mark)
About this book
The Holy Bible has 4 books about the things that Jesus did, and the messages he told to people when he was here on the earth, about 2,000 years ago. Those books are in the 2nd part of the Holy Bible, called the New Testament. The men that wrote them were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They wrote their books after Jesus went back to heaven. Most of the things in their books happened in the country we now call Israel.
This book has everything that Mark wrote about Jesus. It is important for us today because it tells us about the good things that Jesus did, and the messages that he brought to us from God.
Mark was a young man when Jesus was here on the earth. He probably knew Jesus and Jesus’s special workers very well. Some of the things he wrote about are things he probably saw happen, and the rest he probably heard about from Peter and other people that saw them happen. Mark wrote this book about 20 or 30 years after those things happened.
Mark was sometimes called John Mark. His mother had a house in Jerusalem city, and after Jesus went back to heaven, his followers sometimes met together in Mark’s mother’s house (see Acts 12:12). Some time later, Paul and Barnabas went to lots of different places to tell people about Jesus, and they took Mark with them to help them (see Acts 13:5; 15:36-39; 2 Timothy 4:11). He was a friend of Peter and a cousin of Barnabas (see Colossians 4:10).
John baptised people
This story is good news. It is all about Jesus Christ, God’s son. The story starts like this.
2-3 A long time before Jesus was born, God told a man called Isaiah to write in God’s book about something God was going to do for Jesus. And it happened the way Isaiah wrote. He wrote this,
“God will send a man to get everything ready for him.
That man will talk about him and make a way for people to listen to him.
That man will be out in the bush, and he will call out to people, and he will say, ‘You mob get ready.
God is coming to this country, so you have to get ready for him.
It is like when a big boss comes, and you have to make a good road for him.’ ”*
4-6 Isaiah was talking about a man called John. God sent him to get things ready for Jesus, so he started to tell people God’s message. He lived out in the bush and wore rough clothes made out of camel’s hair, and a leather belt. He ate grasshoppers and bush honey.*
John talked to people out there in the bush. He said, “You mob have to be really sorry for the wrong way you are living. You have to turn right around and live God’s way.” He also told them, “If you do that, I will baptise you. That means, I will take you through a special washing ceremony. And God will not do payback for the bad things you did.”
A lot of people went out into the bush to listen to John. They came from the city called Jerusalem and from other towns in that country called Judea. Some people told John that they were sorry for the wrong things they did, so he baptised them in the Jordan River.
John told them, “A man will come to this country later. He is more important than me, and he is stronger than me. I’m not good enough to untie his shoes. I’m just nothing. You see, I baptised you just with water, but this new man will put the Holy Spirit in you. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit.”
John baptised Jesus
At that time, Jesus was living in a town called Nazareth, in Galilee country. Then Jesus left his home, and he walked all the way south to a place on the Jordan River. John was baptising people there. 10 After he got to that place, Jesus went down into the water and John baptised him. As he came up out of the water, Jesus looked up, and he saw the sky split open, and he saw the Holy Spirit. It looked just like a pigeon, and it flew down to Jesus. 11 And God said to Jesus, “You are my son. I love you very much, and I’m very happy with you.”*
Satan tested Jesus
12 Straight away, the Holy Spirit sent Jesus out into the bush. 13 Jesus stayed out there for 40 days. And Satan went to him and tried to trick him. Satan is the boss over all the bad spirits. He tried to make Jesus do something bad. But Jesus didn’t do it. There were wild animals in that place, but angel messengers went and looked after Jesus.
Jesus went back to Galilee
14 One day, that country’s government boss was angry with John the Baptiser, so he sent some soldiers to grab John and put him in jail. After that, Jesus went back to Galilee country, and he told everyone God’s good news. 15 He said, “Now is the right time for God to take people into his family. You mob have to take notice and turn right around and live God’s way. You have to believe this good news.”*
Jesus told some fishermen to leave their job and follow him
16 One day, Jesus walked next to a big lake, called Lake Galilee, and he saw 2 men throwing a net into the water to catch fish. That was their job. One man was called Simon, and the other man was his young brother Andrew.
17 Jesus said, “I want you 2 to come with me. I want you to stop catching fish and start catching people for me.” 18 Straight away, Simon and Andrew dropped their nets and followed Jesus.
19 Jesus kept walking along next to the water, and he saw James and John getting their nets ready to catch fish. And their father Zebedee was with them too. 20 Like before, Jesus called out to James and John to stop their work and follow him. Straight away, they left their father and the other work-men in the boat, and they followed Jesus.
Jesus forced a bad spirit to leave a man
21 Jesus and his followers went to a town called Capernium. On Saturday they went to the Jewish meeting house, and Jesus taught God’s word to the people. You see, Saturday was their day to rest and show respect to God. 22 Jesus talked with clear and strong words, and the people listened to him, and they were really surprised. They knew that he was teaching Gods words really straight. The Jewish law teachers didn’t talk like that.*
23 Then, in the middle of the meeting, a man with a bad spirit in him called out, 24 “Leave us, Jesus from Nazareth. Why do you trouble us bad spirits? Are you going to finish us up? We know you. You are God’s special man.”
25 Jesus talked to the bad spirit strongly. He said, “Be quiet. Come out of him.”
26 The bad spirit knocked the man down and made him shake and scream out loud as it came out of him, and then it went away.
27 All the people were watching, and they were really surprised. They asked each other, “What’s going on? This man is teaching us something new, and he has so much power. He tells bad spirits to get out of people, and they do what he tells them to do. They just go away.”
28 Then all those people went out and told everyone about Jesus. Everyone in Galilee country heard that story about him.
Jesus made a lot of sick people better
29 After that, Jesus left the meeting house and went with Simon and Andrew to their house. James and John went with them. 30 Simon’s mother-in-law was sick. She was lying in her bed, really hot and sweating a lot. They told Jesus, “She is very sick.” 31 So he held her hand and started to lift her up. Straight away, she got better. Then she got up, and she gave them some food to eat.
32 Late that afternoon, just after the sun went down, all the people from that town got all the sick people, and the people with bad spirits in them, and they brought them all to Simon’s house. 33 A big mob of people were there outside that house. 34 Jesus made lots of sick people better, and he forced lots of bad spirits to go out of people. The bad spirits knew that Jesus was Gods son, but Jesus wouldn’t let them tell everyone. He forced those bad spirits to be quiet.
Jesus prayed
35 The next day, Jesus got up very early, before the sun came up, and he walked out from the town to pray by himself. 36 Then Simon and the others went and looked everywhere for Jesus. 37 After they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you.”
38 But Jesus said to them, “Come on, lets go. I have to go to the other towns around here too, and tell everyone the good news. Thats the job I came to do.”
39 So Jesus went all around Galilee country, talking to people in their meeting houses, and telling them God’s story. And he forced bad spirits to go out of lots of people.*
A man had a bad skin sickness, but Jesus made him better
40 A man walked up to Jesus. He had a really bad skin sickness. He got down on his knees in front of Jesus to show him respect, and he kept on asking Jesus to make him better. That man said, “I know that if you want to, you can make me better.”
41 Jesus felt really sorry for the sick man, and said, “I do want to make you better.” Then Jesus touched him with his hand, and said, “You are better now.” 42 And straight away, that man was better.
43-44 Then Jesus told him strongly, “I don’t want you to tell anyone about this. But I want you to go to God’s ceremony house and show your skin to the leader of the Jewish ceremonies there, so that he can see that you are better. And you have to do the right ceremony that Moses gave us, to say thank you to God. When you do that ceremony, everyone will know that you are better.”*
45 But the man didn’t do what Jesus said. He went away and told everyone, “Jesus made me better.” After people heard the man’s story they went to Jesus from everywhere. Lots of people went to him and stood around him. So he couldn’t go into the towns any more, because there were too many people. So he had to stay out in the bush. But people still came from everywhere and found him, even in the bush.
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