Jesus told a picture story about 2 work-men
45 Then Jesus said to the people, “Think about a good work-man. He will always do what his boss says. He thinks about it and does it properly. So, if the boss has to go away for a while, he will pick that good work-man to be in charge of all his other workers, to look after them and give them food every day. 46 Later, the boss will come home. And if he sees that work-man doing everything properly, then the boss will be good to that work-man. 47 Yes, the boss will put him in charge of everything he owns.
48 But now think about a bad work-man. If the boss goes away for a while, then that bad work-man will say to himself, ‘My boss will be away for a long time.’ 49 Then he will do bad things. He will hit the other workers, and he will eat too much food, and get drunk with other people that drink too much grog. 50 Then the boss will come home at a time when the bad work-man doesn’t think he will. So the boss will catch him doing bad things. 51 And the boss will punish that bad work-man a lot. He will put him in a bad place with people that say they are good, but really, they do bad things. Everyone in that place will cry, and they will be so angry they will bite their teeth together.”