God is the one that helps us
A song for people to sing as they walk up to God’s house to show him respect
I look up at all the hills, and I ask myself, “Who is the one that helps me?”
Then I say, “God is the one that helps me. He is the one that made the earth and the sky.”
He will always look after you so that you don’t get trouble. He is watching you all the time, to keep you safe. He never stops watching to go to sleep.
That’s right. He always watches the Israel people, and he never sleeps.
God is the one that looks after you properly. When the sun is really hot, you know how good it is to rest under a shady tree. Well, when life gets tough for you, God will be close to you and help you, like he is a shady tree for you.
6-7 Yes, God will always look after you, in the day-time and in the night-time. He will always keep you safe. He will stop anything from hurting you. Not even the hot sun or the moon will hurt you. He will not let anything finish you.
Whenever you go anywhere, God will go with you all the way, and he will keep you safe. He will do that now, and he will keep doing that all the time, for ever.