God will save everybody that trusts him
We read this in God’s book,
“The message from God is very close to you
It is right inside you, and you say it as you talk.”
That is the message that we tell you, that you’ve got to believe in Jesus. That message is this. If you tell everybody, “I belong to Jesus,” and if you really believe that God made him alive again after he died. If you believe like that and talk like that, God will save you. 10 If you really believe God, then he says that you are all right. And if you tell everybody that you believe in him, then he saves you.
11 God’s book has this too,
“Anyone that trusts God will not be ashamed.”
12 This message is for everyone, Jewish people and those that are not Jewish. We are all the same, we have the same God and he is good to everyone that asks him for help.
13 And God’s book has this too,
“God will save everybody that calls out to him and asks him, ‘Please help me and save me.’ ”
14 But what about people that don’t believe in God? They can’t call out to him, can they? And what about people that have never even heard about Jesus? They can’t believe in him, can they? Somebody has to tell them about him, and then they can believe in him. 15 And somebody has to send those messengers to go and tell the people. God’s book has this too,
“It is really good to see God’s messengers come and bring his good news.”
16 But some people don’t want to hear God’s message. Long ago Isaiah wrote about them in God’s book. He wrote this,
“Hardly anybody believes the message we tell them, God.”
17 So, you see, people have to hear that good message about Jesus Christ before they can believe in him.
(The next part, 10:18—11:36, mainly talks to Jewish people, so we have not translated it yet.)