Strong Christians have to help weak Christians
Some of us are strong and trust God about these things, but other Christians are weak and worry about them a lot. We strong ones have to be easy on those other weak ones, and help them get strong. We have to think about the problems they have with these things. We can’t just do whatever makes us happy. No, we have to do whatever the others think is right, to help them get strong and trust God more. Remember what Jesus Christ did for all of us. He didn’t just do things that made himself happy. No. He let those cheeky people say bad things about him, like we read in God’s book,
“People said bad things about you, God,
and they said those same bad things about me.”
A long time ago God got his men to write things in his book. He did this to teach us mob here today about God. As we think about those things that they wrote, God cheers us up and helps us keep going for him, and we know for sure that God will do everything he promised to do for us. 5-6 I want God, the Father of our leader, Jesus Christ, to do this for you. He is the one that can cheer people up and keeps them going. I’m asking him to help you follow Jesus Christ properly so that you all live happy together like one family. Then you will all thank him and say that he is really good.
So be friendly to each other, just like Jesus Christ is friendly to you. Then people will say that God is really good. Remember this. Jesus Christ came here and worked for his own tribe, the Jewish people. A long time ago God promised some things to their elders, and later, Jesus came to show them that God will do what he promised. And he came for the people that are not Jews too, to show them that God is good to them, so that they will thank him and tell everybody, “God is really good.” God got his men to write about this, and their words are in God's book. One of them wrote,
“Alright God, I will tell all the people that are not Jews about you,
And I will sing to you and say, ‘You are really great.’ ”
10 And another one of God's men wrote,
“You mob that are not Jews can be happy, together with God’s people.”
11 And another one of God's men wrote,
“All you mob that are not Jews can say, ‘God is really great,’
And all the people everywhere can say, ‘God is really good.’ ”
12 And another one of God’s men, called Isaiah, wrote,
“A Jewish man from Jesse’s family will get up and he will be the leader of all the people that are not Jews. They will be sure about him and trust him.”
13 You see, you can be sure about God. So now I ask him to help you trust him properly, and to make you really happy, and really quiet and settled inside yourselves. Then you will be really sure that God will do everything that he said he will do. The Holy Spirit will use his power to do that.
Paul’s job
14-15 My friends, I’m sure that you know these things that I tell you now in this letter. Before I started to write this letter I remembered that you are good people and that you know a lot, and you even teach each other about these things. But I got brave and started to write to you anyway, to get you to think a bit more about some of these things. God is good to me 16 and he picked me out to be a special worker for Jesus Christ. My job is to tell the good news about Jesus to you mob that are not Jews. Then God’s spirit works in you to make you good and right, and God is really happy with you. It is like I give you to God, like a really good present.
17 So I’m happy to tell everybody about things that Jesus Christ has helped me do in my work for God. 18-19 But I’m not happy to tell about things that I did just by myself. I just want to tell about whatever Jesus Christ did. He used me, but he is the one who did it. He got me to tell his true message to people that don’t know God, and his Holy Spirit got me to do powerful things too. After they heard my message and saw the things I did they turned around and believed God. I started to tell people in Jerusalem the good message about Jesus Christ and I kept telling people that message everywhere I went, right out to Illyricum. 20 I always want to tell that good story to people that have never heard about Jesus Christ. I don’t want to wait for somebody else to tell them first so that later I can tell them more. No, I want to go and tell them myself. 21 It is like this, like we read in God’s book,
“There are people that have never heard about God.
Nobody ever told them anything about him.
But they will hear this message about him
and they will understand it.”
(The next part, 15:22-29, says things for just some of the people at Rome at that time, so we have not translated it yet.)
Paul asked the Roman Christians to pray for him
30 My friends, I want you to really pray to God with me. You believe in our leader, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit gets us to love each other, so please pray for me. 31 I will go to Judea soon, so ask God to save me from that mob there that don’t believe in Jesus. Ask God too that his people in Jerusalem will be happy with the way I will help them. 32 Then, if God wants me to, I will come to you mob in Rome. I know I will be really happy to meet you and I will have a good rest with you there. 33 And now I ask God to be with all you mob. He can make us live happy, and calm and settled together. Yes, that’s right.
(The next part, 16:1-16, says things for just some of the people at Rome at that time, so we have not translated it yet.)