The Story about the big boss called David
(From the book in the Holy Bible called 2 Samuel)
About this story
These stories are about things that happened about 3,000 years ago, in the country called Israel.
Somebody wrote these stories in a big book called Samuel with lots of other stories, but it was too big, so they split it into 2 books, called 1 Samuel, and 2 Samuel. They were in God’s book, that the Jewish people had before Jesus came to this earth. They are now in the 1st part of the Holy Bible, called the Old Testament.
We have not yet translated all of the stories from 2 Samuel.
The stories in this book are mostly about God’s man called David. In 1 Samuel we can read that God picked David to be the big boss of his people, but David did not become the big boss straight away. Saul was the first big boss. After he died, David became the big boss, but it was not always easy for him. He often had problems.
These stories are important, and we can learn a lot from them. They help us know what God is like and what he planned for his people. They show us that God is always with his people, and that he helps them when they have problems.
David heard the bad news about Saul
The Philistia mob and the Israel mob fought each other on the hill called Gilboa. Saul died at that place.
At the same time, David and his men fought the Amalek mob at another place. After they beat the Amalek mob, David and his men went back to the place called Ziklag. Then, 2 days later, a young man arrived at David’s camp. He came from the place where Saul’s mob had that big fight. Along the road he tore his clothes and put dirt on his head, to show that he had bad news. Then he came to David, got down on his knees with his face close to the ground, to show respect to him.
David asked, “Where did you come from?”
He answered, “I ran away from that hill called Gilboa, from that big fight.”
David asked him, “What happened in that fight? Tell me.”
He answered, “The Philistia mob killed dead lots of our soldiers, and our other soldiers ran away. Saul and his son Jonathan died too.”
(We have not yet translated 1:5-10.)
11 David and his mob were really sad for Saul and Jonathan. They tore their clothes to show they were upset. 12 They cried until the sun went down, and they didn’t eat anything. Lots of God’s people died, so they were sad for them too, their countrymen, the Israel mob.
(We have not yet translated 1:13-27.)