But in the euentid of the sabat, that bigynneth to schyne in the firste dai of the woke, Marie Mawdelene cam, and another Marie, to se the sepulcre. And lo! ther was maad a greet ertheschakyng; for the aungel of the Lord cam doun fro heuene, and neiyede, and turnede awei the stoon, and sat theron. And his lokyng was as leit, and hise clothis as snowe; and for drede of hym the keperis weren afeerd, and thei weren maad as deede men. But the aungel answeride, and seide to the wymmen, Nyle ye drede, for Y woot that ye seken Jhesu, that was crucified; he is not here, for he is risun, as he seide; come ye, and se ye the place, where the Lord was leid. And go ye soone, and seie ye to his disciplis, that he is risun. And lo! he schal go bifore you in to Galilee; there ye schulen se hym. Lo! Y haue biforseid to you. And thei wenten out soone fro the biriels, with drede and greet ioye, rennynge to telle to hise disciplis. And lo! Jhesus mette hem, and seide, Heile ye. And thei neiyeden, and heelden his feet, and worschipiden him. 10 Thanne Jhesus seide to hem, Nyle ye drede; go ye, `telle ye to my britheren, that thei go in to Galile; there thei schulen se me. 11 And whanne thei weren goon, lo! summe of the keperis camen in to the citee, and telden to the princis of prestis alle thingis that weren doon. 12 And whanne thei weren gaderid togidere with the elder men, and hadden take her counseil, thei yauen to the kniytis miche monei, and seiden, Seie ye, 13 that hise disciplis camen bi nyyt, and han stolen hym, while ye slepten. 14 And if this be herd of the iustice, we schulen counseile hym, and make you sikir. 15 And whanne the monei was takun, thei diden, as thei weren tauyt. And this word is pupplischid among the Jewis, til in to this day. 16 And the enleuen disciplis wenten in to Galilee, in to an hille, where Jhesus hadde ordeyned to hem. 17 And thei sayn hym, and worschipiden; but summe of hem doutiden. 18 And Jhesus cam nyy, and spak to hem, and seide, Al power in heuene and in erthe is youun to me. 19 Therfor go ye, and teche alle folkis, baptisynge hem in the name of the Fadir, and of the Sone, and of the Hooli Goost; 20 techynge hem to kepe alle thingis, what euer thingis Y haue comaundid to you; and lo! Y am with you in alle daies, in to the ende of the world.