At that time seven women will grab one man and say, “Please marry us! We will supply our own food and make our own clothes. You won’t have to do anything else if you let us wear your name and take away our shame.”
At that time the LORD’S plant* will be very beautiful and glorious. The people in Israel who survived will be very proud of what the land grows. And all those who are left in Zion and Jerusalem will be called holy. Their names were on the list of people in Jerusalem who were allowed to live.
The Lord will wash away the filth from the daughters of Zion. He will wash away the blood from Jerusalem. With a spirit of judgment that burns like fire, he will make everything pure. Then the LORD will create a cloud of smoke in the day and a bright flame of fire§ at night over every building and over every meeting of the people on the mountain of Zion. And there will be a covering over everyone* for protection. It will be a shelter to protect the people from the heat of the sun and from all kinds of storms and rain.
* 4:2 the LORD’S plant This might refer to the country of Judah or to the future king or Messiah. See Isaiah 5:7. 4:4 wash away the filth This is like a special ceremony for washing away the blood after a menstrual period. After this a man and wife could have sexual relations. 4:4 daughters of Zion This can refer either to the small towns around Jerusalem or to the women living there. § 4:5 cloud of smoke … fire The signs God used to show that he was with his people. * 4:5 everyone Literally, “glory,” but this can also mean “soul” or “person.” See Psalm 16:9.