Then the LORD said to Job,
You wanted to argue with God All-Powerful.
You wanted to correct me and prove that I was wrong.
So give me your answer!”
Then Job answered the LORD:
I am not worthy to speak!
What can I say to you?
I cannot answer you!
I will put my hand over my mouth.
I spoke once, but I will not speak again.
I spoke twice, but I will not say anything more.”
Then the LORD spoke to Job again from the storm:
“Brace yourself*
and get ready to answer the questions I will ask you.
Are you trying to show that I am unfair?
Are you trying to look innocent by saying that I am guilty?
Are your arms as strong as mine?
Do you have a voice like mine that is as loud as thunder?
10 If so, you can be proud
and wear glory and honor like clothes.
11 If you are as powerful as God, then show your anger!
Punish those who are proud and humble them.
12 Yes, just look at the proud and make them humble.
Crush those evil people where they stand.
13 Bury them all in the dirt.
Wrap their bodies up and put them in their graves.
14 If you can do any of these things, then even I will praise you.
And I will admit that you can save yourself by your own power.
15 Look at the behemoth.
I made the behemoth, and I made you.
He eats grass like a cow.
16 But he has great strength in his body.
The muscles in his stomach are powerful.
17 His tail stands strong like a cedar tree.
His leg muscles are very strong.
18 His bones are as strong as bronze.
His legs are like iron bars.
19 The behemoth is the most amazing animal I made,
but I can defeat him.
20 He eats the grass that grows on the hills
where the wild animals play.
21 He lies under the lotus plants.
He hides among the reeds of the swamp.
22 The lotus plants hide him in their shade.
He lives under the willow trees that grow near the river.
23 If the river floods, the behemoth will not run away.
He is not afraid if the Jordan River splashes on his face.
24 No one can blind his eyes and capture him.
No one can catch him in a trap.
* 40:7 Brace yourself Literally, “Gird yourself like a man.” This means “get ready for battle.” 40:15 behemoth This might be a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, or possibly an elephant.