While they were talking to the people, the priests, the captain of the Temple guard, and the Sadducees came up to them. They were angry that they were teaching the people, telling them that through Jesus there is resurrection from the dead. They arrested them and placed them under guard until the following day since it was already evening. But many who had heard the message believed it, and the total number of believers grew to about five thousand.
The next day, the rulers, elders, and religious leaders met together in Jerusalem. They included the high priest Annas, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and others of the high priest's family. They brought Peter and John before them and asked, “By what power or by whose authority have you done this?”
Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, answered them. “Rulers of the people, and elders: Are we being interrogated regarding a good deed done to a man who couldn't help himself, and how he came to be healed? 10 If so, all of you should know, and all the people of Israel, that it was in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one you killed on a cross and whom God raised from the dead—it's because of him that this man stands before you completely healed. 11 He is the stone you builders rejected, but he has been made the chief cornerstone.’* 12 There is no salvation in anyone else; there is no other name under heaven given to humanity that can possibly save us.”
13 When they saw Peter and John's confidence, and realized they were uneducated, ordinary men, they were very surprised. They also recognized them as Jesus' companions. 14 Since they could see the man who had been healed standing right there with them, they had nothing to say in response to what had happened.
15 So they instructed them to wait outside the council while they discussed the matter among themselves. 16 What should we do with these men?” they asked. “We can't deny a significant miracle has happened through them. Everybody living here in Jerusalem knows about it. 17 But to prevent it spreading among the people any further, we should threaten them never to speak to anybody in this name again.”
18 So they called them back in and ordered them never to speak or teach in the name of Jesus again. 19 But Peter and John responded, “Whether it's right in God's eyes to obey you rather than Godyou decide. 20 We can't help talking about what we've seen and heard!”
21 After making more threats they let them go. They couldn't work out how to punish them because everyone was glorifying God for what had happened. 22 For the man who received this miracle of healing was more than forty years old. 23 After the disciples had been released, they went to the other believers and told them everything the chief priests and elders had said to them. 24 When they heard what had happened, they prayed to God together:
Lord, you made heaven and earth and sea, and everything that is in them. 25 You spoke by the Holy Spirit through David, our forefather and your servant, sayingWhy did the people of the other nations become so angry? Why did they plot so foolishly against me? 26 The kings of the earth prepared for war the rulers united together against the Lord and against his Chosen One.’§
27 Now this has really happened right here in this city! Both Herod and Pontius Pilate, together with the foreigners and the people of Israel, united together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed as Messiah. 28 They did whatever you had already decided because you had the power and the will to do it.
29 Now Lord: look at all their threats against us! Help us your servants to speak your word really boldly. 30 As you exercise your power to heal, may signs and miracles be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus!”
31 When they had finished praying, the building they were meeting in was shaken. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke the word of God boldly. 32 All the believers thought and felt the same way. None of them claimed anything they had as their own, but shared everything with each other. 33 The apostles gave their testimony regarding the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with tremendous power, and God greatly blessed them all. 34 None of them needed anything because those who had lands or properties sold them. 35 They took the proceeds and presented them to the apostles to be shared with those in need. 36 Joseph, the one the apostles called Barnabas (meaningson of encouragement”), was a Levite, a Cypriot national. 37 He sold a field that belonged to him. Then he brought the money and presented it to the apostles.
* 4:11 Quoting Psalms 118:22. 4:17 Clearly the name of Jesus, but they did not even want to mention the actual name… 4:26 “For war,” implied. § 4:26 Literally, “Anointed.” The quote is from Psalms 2:1-2.