How disastrous it will be for you who have an easy life in Zion, and you who feel secure living on Mount Samariayou who are the most famous men in all of Israel to whom people come for help! But go to Calneh, and see what took place there. Then go on to the great city of Hamath, and down to the Philistine city of Gath.* Were they better kingdoms than yours? Did they have more territory than you? You put out of your minds any thought of coming disaster, yet you are bringing closer the time when violence reigns.
How disastrous it will be for you people who lie on beds decorated with ivory and lounge on couches, eating lamb from your flocks and fattened calves from the stall. You make up songs accompanied by the harp, thinking you're great composers like David. You drink wine by the bowlful, and anoint yourselves with the finest oils, but you do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph's descendants. So you will be at the head of those led away into exile; the feasting and lazing around will be over.
The Lord God has sworn an oath on his own life. This is what the Lord God of power declares: I detest Jacob's arrogance and I hate his fortresses; I will hand over this city and all in it to the enemy. If there are ten people in a house, they will die. 10 And when a relative comes to take away the bodies from the house, he will ask someone insideIs there anyone else with you?” The person will reply, “No...” Then the other will say, “Quiet! Don't even mention the Lord's name.”
11 Watch out! When the Lord gives the command, large houses will be reduced to rubble, and small houses smashed to pieces. 12 Can horses gallop over rocks? Can oxen plow the sea? But you have turned justice into poison, and the fruit of doing good into bitterness! 13 You joyfully celebrate your conquest of Lodebar, and say “Didn't we in our own strength capture Karnaim?”§
14 Watch out, people of Israel! I am going to send an enemy nation to attack you, says the Lord God of power, and they will oppress you from the Pass of Hamath to the Arabah Valley.*
* 6:2 Foreign cities destroyed by invaders. 6:8 “To the enemy”: implied. 6:13 The name of this town means “nothing.” § 6:13 Karnaim means “strength.” * 6:14 Meaning from the north to the south. The Arabah Valley is the Jordan Valley.