That's why I decided that I would avoid another sad visit with you. For if I make you sad, who will be there to make me happy? It won't be those I've made sad! That's why I wrote what I did, so that I wouldn't be sad over those who should make me happy. I was so sure that all of you would share in my happiness. I was crying many tears when I wrote to you, in great anguish and with a heavy heartnot to make you sad, but so you would know how much love I have for you.
Not to put it too strongly, but the person caused more pain to all of you than to me. This person suffered enough punishment from the majority of you, so now you should forgive him and be kind to him. Otherwise he may sink into despair. So I urge you to publicly affirm your love towards him. That's why I wrote: so I could discoverer your true character and whether you're doing everything you were told to do. 10 Anyone you forgive, I forgive too. What I have forgiven, whatever it may be, I have forgiven before Christ for your benefit. 11 In this way Satan will not be able to take us in, because we know the tricks he thinks up.
12 Now when I arrived in Troas to spread the good news of Christ, the Lord opened a door of opportunity for me. 13 But my mind wasn't at peace because I couldn't find my brother Titus. So I said goodbye and went over to Macedonia.*
14 But praise be to God, who always leads us in a triumphal procession in Christ, and reveals through us the sweet scent of his knowledge wherever we go! 15 We are like a fragrance of Christ to God, rising up from among those who are being saved as well as those who are dying. 16 To those who are dying it is the smell of decay, while to those who are being saved it is the scent of life! But who is up to such an assignment? 17 We are not like the majority who trade in the word of God for profit. Quite the opposite: we are sincere in sharing the word of God in Christ, knowing God is watching us.
* 2:13 From Troas to Macedonia would involve a sea-crossing.