Then Jonah prayed* to the Lord his God from the belly of the fish. He began, “In my agony I cried out to the Lord and he answered me; from the depths of Sheol I pleaded for help and you answered me. You threw me into the deep, all the way down to the bottom of the sea. Water flooded all around me; your crashing waves rolled over me. I said to myself, ‘The Lord has banished me from his sight. Will I ever see your holy Temple again?’§ The water swirled over me so I couldn't breathe; the deep sucked me down; seaweed wrapped itself around my head. I sank down to the base of the mountains; the earth barred me in forever. But you, my Lord, my God, brought me back up from the abyss.
As my life ebbed away, I remembered the Lord; my prayer came to you in your holy Temple. Those who worship worthless idols give up their trust in God's goodness. But I will offer you sacrifices, shouting out my thanks. I will keep my promises to you, for salvation comes from the Lord.”
10 Then the Lord told the fish to spit out Jonah onto the shore.
* 2:1 It is significant that Jonah is not recorded as praying until this point in the story. 2:2 Sheol: the place of the dead. 2:3 Literally, “the heart of the sea.” § 2:4 Or “but even so I will see your holy Temple again.”