The Lord told Moses, Order the Israelites to bring you pure, pressed olive oil for the lamps, so they will always stay lit. From evening until morning Aaron is to constantly look after the lamps continually before the Lord, outside the veil of the Testimony in the Tent of Meeting. This regulation is for all time and for all future generations. He is to constantly look after the lamps placed on the pure gold lampstand before the Lord.
Using the best flour bake twelve loaves, with two-tenths of an ephah of flour per loaf. Place them in two piles, six in each pile, on the table made of pure gold that stands before the Lord. Place pure frankincense beside each pile to go with the bread to act as thereminder part,’* a food offering to the Lord. Every Sabbath day the bread shall be placed before the Lord, given by the Israelites as an ongoing sign of the eternal agreement. It is for Aaron and his descendants. They are to eat it in a holy place; for they must treat it as a most holy part of the food offerings given to the Lord. It is their share of the food offerings for all time.”
10 One day a man who had an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father went into the Israelite camp and had a fight with an Israelite. 11 The Israelite woman's son cursed the name of the Lord. So they took him before Moses. (His mother's name was Shelomith, daughter of Dibri, from the tribe of Dan.) 12 They detained him until it was clear what the Lord wanted them to do about it.
13 The Lord told Moses, 14 Take the man who cursed me outside the camp. Have all who heard him curse put their hands on his head; then have everyone stone him to death. 15 Tell the Israelites that anyone who curses their God will be punished for their sin. 16 Anyone who curses the name of the Lord must to be executed. All of you must stone them to death, whether they are a foreigner who lives with you or an Israelite. If they curse my name, they must be executed.
17 Anyone who kills someone else must be executed. 18 Anyone who kills an animal has to replace ita life for a life. 19 If anyone injures someone else, whatever they've done must be done to them: 20 a broken bone for a broken bone, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Whatever way they injured the victim, the same must be done to them. 21 Anyone who kills an animal has to replace it, but anyone who kills someone else must be executed. 22 The same laws apply to foreigners who live with you as to Israelites, for I am the Lord your God.”
23 Moses told this to the Israelites, and they took the man who cursed the Lord outside the camp and stoned him to death. The Israelites did what the Lord ordered Moses to do.
* 24:7 See 2:2.