How disastrous it will be for those who devise evil plans as they lie awake at night. They get up in the morning to carry them out, because they have the power to do just that. They seize any fields they want. They take any houses they want. They cheat people of their houses, and steal their inheritance.
So this is what the Lord says. Watch out! I am planning to bring disaster on such families. They won't be able to escape. You will no longer walk around arrogantly, for this will be a time of disaster. On that day they will make up a saying to taunt you. With a mocking lament they will say, “We are totally ruined! Our possessions are being sold off. They've taken everything away, and given our fields to your conquerors.” Consequently at that time there will be none of you in the assembly of the Lord responsible for the division of the land.*
But you preach at me, saying, “Don't preach such things. Don't prophesy like this. Such a humiliation won't happen to us!”
Should you talk like that, descendants of Jacob? You ask,Can the Lord run out of patience? Is this what he does?” Are not my words good to those who do what is right? asks the Lord.§ Lately my people have risen up against me like an enemy. You steal the coats off the backs of those passing by, men returning from war who expect to be safe in their homeland. You drive the women of my people from their comfortable homes; you have robbed their children of my blessings forever. 10 Get up! Leave! For this is not a place for you to stay. It is defiled and totally ruined. 11 If a false prophet should come to you and lie, saying, “I'll preach to you about the virtues of wine and alcohol,” he would be the perfect prophet for your kind of people.
12 I will certainly gather all of you, descendants of Jacob, I will certainly bring back together those who are left, Israel. I will place them like sheep in the fold, like a flock in its pasture. The land will be filled with people celebrating. 13 The One who opens the way for them will lead them, breaking through the gate and going out. Their King will lead them; the Lord himself will be at their head.
* 2:5 This refers back to the original division of the Promised Land by lot. Once the land has been conquered, Israel no longer has any say about who owns it, or who lives where. 2:6 Implied. 2:7 Implied. § 2:7 Implied. Who is saying what is confusing in this verse.