Watch out! The day is coming—it burns like an oven—when the proud and the wicked will be burned like straw. When that day comes they will be completely burned up, root and branch, says the Lord Almighty. But for those who have reverence for me, the sun of God's salvation will rise with healing in its wings, and you will be set free, leaping like calves released from their stalls. You will trample the wicked as ashes under your feet on the day when I take action, says the Lord Almighty. Remember the law of Moses my servant that I commanded him and all Israel to follow—all the instructions and ceremonies I gave on Mount Sinai.* Look! I am going to send Elijah the prophet before the day of the Lord arrives, the great and terrifying day. He will restore harmony between parents and children, and if that does not happen, I will come and strike the land with a curse.
* 4:4 Literally, “Horeb.”