Solomon's proverbs.
A wise son makes his father happy, but a stupid son only brings his mother grief.
Wealth gained through evil does you no good; but living right saves you from death.
The Lord doesn't let good people go hungry, but he stops the wicked from getting what they want.
Lazy hands make you poor, but hard-working hands make you rich.
A son who gathers crops during the summer is sensible, but the one who sleeps during harvest brings disgrace.
Those who are good are blessed, but what the wicked say hides their violent nature.
The good are remembered as a blessing, but the reputation of the wicked will rot.
Those who think wisely pay attention to instruction, but a stupid chatterbox ends up in disaster.
Honest people will live in safety, but those who behave deceitfully will be caught out.
10 People who wink slyly* cause trouble, but someone who gives a strong rebuke brings peace.
11 What good people say is a spring that gives life, but what the wicked say hides their violent nature.
12 Hatred causes conflict, but love covers all wrongs.
13 Wisdom comes from people with good judgment, but stupid people are punished with a rod.
14 Wise people accumulate knowledge, but the chattering of stupid people is a prelude to disaster.
15 The wealth of the rich provides them protection, while the poverty of the poor ruins them.
16 If you do right you're rewarded with life, but if you're wicked all you gain is sin.
17 If you accept instruction, you're on the path to life, but if you reject correction you'll go astray.
18 Anyone who hides their hatred is lying, and anyone who spreads slander is stupid.
19 If you talk too much, you'll say something wrong. Be wise and take care what you say.
20 What good people say is like the best silver, but the mind of the wicked isn't worth much.
21 Advice from good people helps feed many others, but stupid people die because they have no sense.
22 The Lord's blessing makes you rich, and he doesn't add any sadness to accompany it.
23 Stupid people think it's fun to do wrong, but someone who has wisdom understands what's right.
24 What the wicked fear will happen to them, while what good people hope for will be granted.
25 When the storm hits, the wicked are no more, but the good are safe and secure forever.
26 In the same way vinegar irritates the teeth and smoke irritates the eyes, lazy people irritate their employers.
27 Honoring the Lord makes your life longer, but the years the wicked live will be cut short.
28 Good people look forward to happiness, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing.
29 The way of the Lord protects those who do right, but he destroys those who do evil.
30 The good will never be removed from the land, but the wicked will not remain there.
31 What good people say produces wisdom, but liars will have their tongues cut out.
32 Good people know the right thing to say, but the wicked always lie.
* 10:10 See 6:13. 10:10 Septuagint version. The second half of this verse in Hebrew is the same as that of verse 8 and may be transposed from there.