If you love knowledge, you will love discipline. Anyone who hates being corrected is stupid!
The Lord blesses the good, but he condemns anyone with evil schemes.
Wickedness doesn't provide security, but those who live right are deeply rooted and cannot be moved.
A good wife is a crown for her husband, but one who brings shame is like rot in his bones.
Good people make plans that are fair, but the advice of the wicked is deceptive.
The words of the wicked are like a violent ambush, but those of honest people save them.
The wicked are destroyed, and they're gone, but the family of the good stands firm.
People are appreciated for talking sense, but those with perverted minds are despised.
Better to be a humble man serving himself than a boastful man who has nothing to eat.
10 Good people look after their animals, but the care given by wicked is really cruelty.
11 If you cultivate the land you'll have plenty of food, but if you chase after worthless things you're stupid.
12 Wicked people long for ill-gotten gains, but good people are productive themselves.
13 The wicked trap themselves by their own sinful words, but good people escape trouble.
14 What you say brings you rewards, and your work returns to bless you.
15 Stupid people think they're on the right track, but if you're wise you listen to advice.
16 Stupid people get angry immediately, but if you're sensible you ignore an insult.
17 Whoever tells the truth is being honest, but a false witness tells lies.
18 Some people's hasty words cut like a knife, but the words of the wise bring healing.
19 Words of truth last forever, but lies are gone in a moment.
20 Deceit is in the mind of those planning evil, but those who plan peace have joy.
21 No harm comes to the good, but trouble fills the wicked.
22 The Lord hates liars but is happy with those who are trustworthy.
23 If you're sensible, you don't show off your knowledge, but stupid people announce their stupidity.
24 Hard work brings leadership, but laziness brings slavery.
25 If you're anxious, you're weighed down, but an encouraging word will cheer you up.
26 Good people look out for their friends,* but the way the wicked live leads them astray.
27 Lazy people don't catch their prey, but if you work hard you can become rich.
28 The path of right leads to life, it doesn't lead to death.
* 12:26 The Hebrew of this line is unclear. 12:27 The Hebrew of this verse is unclear.