Wine turns you into a mocker, alcohol makes you aggressive; you're stupid to be deceived* by drink.
When a king gets terribly angry, he sounds like a roaring lion; anyone who makes him furious is liable to be killed.
Avoiding conflict is the proper thing to do, but stupid people are quick to argue.
Slackers don't sow when they should, so when harvest comes they don't have anything.
Discovering what someone is planning in their mind is like looking at deep water, but a person who has understanding will find out.
Many people tell you they're loyal, but can you find someone really trustworthy?
Good people live honestly; how happy are their children if they follow them.
When a king sits in judgment he recognizes all that isn't right.
Who can claim, “I've made sure my conscience is clean; I've purified myself from sin”?
10 The Lord hates both dishonest weights and dishonest measures.
11 Even children reveal what they're like by what they do, whether their actions are good and right.
12 The Lord made our ears to hear and our eyes to see.
13 If you love sleeping you'll become poor. Wake up and get busy, and you'll have plenty to eat.
14 “It's really rubbish,” says the one buying, but afterwards goes and boasts to others about making a good deal.
15 There's gold and plenty of expensive gemstones, but talking sense is a more valuable jewel.
16 If someone guarantees a stranger's debt with their cloak, be sure to take it! Make sure you have whatever is pledged to foreigners!
17 Food you get by cheating may taste sweet, but afterwards it will be like a mouthful of gravel.
18 With sound advice, plans are successful; if you're going to war, make sure you have good guidance.
19 A gossip goes around revealing secrets; stay away from people who talk a lot.
20 Anyone who curses their father or mother will have their light put out and end in utter darkness.
21 Wealth gained too soon won't do you any good in the end.
22 Don't say, “I'll get you back for doing me wrong.” Leave it to the Lord, and he'll help you.
23 The Lord hates incorrect weights; using dishonest scales is wrong.
24 The Lord shows us the way to go, so how would we decide for ourselves?
25 It's a mistake to make a promise to God and then have second thoughts about it later.
26 A wise king separates out the wicked by winnowing and punishes them by threshing.
27 The Lord's light shines on the conscience, revealing our deepest thoughts.
28 Trustworthy love and faithfulness keep a king safe; trustworthy love supports his rule.
29 Young men value their strength, but the old value even more the wisdom that comes with gray hair.
30 Wounds and blows clean away what's evil; beatings clean what's deep down inside.
* 20:1 “Deceived”: or “intoxicated.” 20:21 “Gained too soon”: some manuscripts have “gained by greed” 20:26 This verse refers to activities associated with processing grain after harvest: winnowing and threshing, little known in the modern world.