A good reputation is a much better choice than plenty of money; respect is better than silver and gold.
The rich and the poor have this in common: the Lord created them all.
If you're sensible you see danger coming and get out of the way; but stupid people just keep going and pay for it.
The reward you receive for being humble and respecting the Lord is wealth, honor, and life.
Thorns and traps lie in the path of crooked people; those who value their lives will stay away from them.
Teach children the right way to live, and when they grow up they'll go on doing so.
The rich rule the poor, and borrowers are slaves to their lenders.
Those who sow injustice will reap disaster, and the angry beatings they inflict on others will be stopped.
If you're generous, you'll be blessed, for you share your food with those in need.
10 Get rid of the scornful, and you'll get rid of conflict toono more arguments or insults!
11 Anyone who loves sincerity* and a gracious way of speaking will have the king as their friend.
12 The Lord watches over true knowledge, but counteracts the words of liars.
13 Lazy people make claims like, “There's a lion outside! I might be killed if I go out there!”
14 The seductive words of an immoral woman are a dangerous trapif the Lord's angry with you, then you'll fall right in.
15 Children are naturally foolish; physical correction helps them to see sense.
16 If you oppress the poor to make yourself rich, or if you're generous to the rich, you'll end up poor yourself.
17 Pay attention and listen to the words of the wise, and think carefully about my teachings
18 for it's good to keep them in mind so you can be ready to share them.
19 I'm explaining this to you today so you can trust in the Lordyes, you!
20 Haven't I written down for you thirty sayings of advice and wisdom?
21 They are to make it clear to you what's right and true, so you can give a truthful explanation to those who sent you.
22 For you shouldn't steal from the poor just because they're poor; and you shouldn't crush those with limited means in court,
23 for the Lord will plead their case, and he will take back whatever was stolen from them.
24 Don't make friends with someone who gets upset easily; don't associate with angry people,
25 in case you learn to be like them and make a mess of your life.§
26 Don't shake hands and guarantee someone's debt,
27 for if you can't pay, why should your bed be taken away from beneath you?
28 Don't move ancient boundary markers that your forefathers put in place.
29 If you see someone skilled in what they do, they'll work for kings and not for ordinary people.
* 22:11 Literally, “purity of heart.” 22:14 In other words, if you have a bad relationship with the Lord, you are prone to such sinful actions. 22:16 The translation and meaning of this verse is uncertain. § 22:25 Literally, “get yourself caught in a trap.”