Anyone who goes on stubbornly rejecting many warnings will be suddenly destroyed, without hope of healing.
When good people are in charge, everybody celebrates; but when the wicked rule, everybody groans.
A man who loves wisdom makes his father happy, but one who visits prostitutes throws away his money.
A king who rules justly makes the country secure, but one who asks for bribes will destroy it.
Those who flatter their friends lay a net to trip them up.*
Evil people are trapped by their own sins, but those who do right sing and celebrate.
Good people care about treating the poor fairly, but the wicked don't think about it at all.
Cynical people can inflame a whole city, but the wise calm angry people down.
When a wise man takes a stupid man to court, there's raging and ridicule, but nothing is settled.
10 Murderers hate people of integrity, but those who live right try to help them.
11 Stupid people let all their anger out, while wise people quietly hold it in.
12 A ruler who listens to lies will have nothing but wicked officials.
13 Poor people and their oppressors have this in common: the Lord gives life to all of them.
14 If a king judges the poor fairly, he will have a long rule.
15 Discipline and correction provide wisdom, but a son left undisciplined is an embarrassment to his mother.
16 When the wicked are in power, sin increases; but the good will see their downfall.
17 Discipline your children and they won't give you any worries; they will make you very happy.
18 Without a revelation from God, the people go out of control, but those who keep the law are happy.
19 A servant can't be disciplined by words alone; though they understand, they don't follow what they're told.
20 Have you seen a man who speaks without thinking? There's more hope for stupid people than for him!
21 A servant indulged from childhood will in the end become unmanageable.
22 Angry people stir up trouble, those with short tempers commit many sins.
23 If you're proud, you'll be humiliated; but if you're humble, you'll be honored.
24 A thief's partner hates his life; even under the threat of being cursed he can't tell the truth.§
25 Being afraid of people traps you, but if you trust in the Lord you're safe.
26 Many people look for favors from a ruler, but justice comes from the Lord.
27 Good people hate those who are unjust; the wicked hate those who do what's right.
* 29:5 “Trip them up”: literally, “for their feet.” 29:10 The meaning of the second phrase is debatable. 29:21 “Unmanageable”: only one of a number of interpretations. § 29:24 See Leviticus 5.