Then answered Job, and said, How long will ye grieve my soul, and crush me with words? These ten times have ye reproached me: ye are not ashamed when ye show yourselves as strangers to me. Yea, if it be indeed that I have erred, let my error remain with myself. But if indeed ye wish to magnify yourselves above me, and to prove against me my disgrace: Then know for certain that God hath bent me down, and hath laid his net all around me. Behold, I cry out concerning the violence [done me], but I am not answered: I entreat aloud, but there is no justice. My road hath he fenced up, so that I cannot pass out; and on my paths he placeth darkness. My glory hath he stripped from me, and removed the crown of my head. 10 He hath pulled me down on every side, and I am going hence; and he hath rooted up like a tree my hope. 11 He hath also kindled against me his wrath, and he counteth me with himself as one of his adversaries. 12 Altogether come on his troops, and make level against me their way, and encamp round about my tent. 13 My brothers hath he removed far from me, and my acquaintance are entirely estranged from me. 14 My near of kin have withdrawn, and those befriended by me have forgotten me. 15 Ye that sojourn in my house, and my maid-servants, regard me as a stranger: an alien am I become in their eyes. 16 I call for my servant, but he will not answer, though I were to entreat him with my mouth. 17 My breath is become nauseous to my wife, and my caressing, to the children of my own body. 18 Yea, children even despise me: I rise up, but they speak against me. 19 All that have had my confidence abominate me; and those whom I have loved are turned against me. 20 To my skin and to my flesh my bones do cleave, and I must sustain myself with the gums of my teeth. 21 Spare me, spare me, O ye, my friends; for the hand of God hath touched me. 22 Why will ye persecute me as God [hath done], and will never be satisfied with my flesh? 23 Oh who would but grant, that my words might be written down! oh who would grant that they were entered in a book! 24 That they were hewn with an iron pen and [blackened with] lead for eternity in the hard rock! 25 And well I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he will remain as the last after the creatures of the dust [are passed away]; 26 And after my skin is cut to pieces will this be: and then freed from my body shall I behold God; 27 Whom I shall myself behold to my happiness, and whom my eyes will see, and not as a stranger, [when even] my reins are consumed within my bosom. 28 But if ye should say, How will we pursue him? seeing the root of the matter is found in me: 29 Then have dread for yourselves of the sword; for the wrath [which ye excite] is an iniquity that bringeth the sword; in order that ye may know there is one that judgeth [in the world].