Then did the Lord address Job out of the storm-wind, and said, Who is this that casteth darkness [on my] counsel by words without knowledge? Do but gird up like a mighty man thy loins: and I will ask thee, and do thou inform me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? tell it, if thou hast any understanding [of it]. Who fixed her measurements, if thou knowest it? or who stretched the measuring-line over her? Upon what are her foundation-pillars placed at rest? or who laid her corner-stone: When altogether sang the morning stars in gladness, and shouted for joy all the sons of God? And who closed up with doors the sea, when, issuing forth, it came out of the deep bosom of the earth? When I made the clouds its garment, and thick fog its swaddling-cloth, 10 And when I decreed for it my law, and set [for it] bars and doors, 11 And said, Thus far mayest thou come, but no farther; and here shall be stayed [thy strength] in the pride of thy waves? 12 Didst thou ever, in all thy days, command the morning; didst thou ever assign the morning-dawn its place: 13 That it might lay hold of the ends of the earth, so that the wicked might be shaken out therefrom? 14 She is changed as the sealing-clay: and [all things] stand as though newly clad. 15 And from the wicked is their light withdrawn, and the high-raised arm is broken. 16 Didst thou ever penetrate as far as the springs of the sea? or wander through the bottom of the deep? 17 Were the gates of death ever laid open unto thee? or canst thou see the doors of the shadow of death? 18 Hast thou a clear understanding of the breadth of the earth? Tell it, if thou knowest it all. 19 Where is the way [to the spot where] the light dwelleth? and the darkness—where is its place, 20 That thou mightest take each to its boundary, and that thou mightest mark the pathways to its house? 21 Thou [surely] knowest it; because thou wast then born, and the number of thy days is great! 22 Didst thou ever enter into the treasuries of the snow? or canst thou see the treasuries of the hail, 23 Which I have reserved for the time of distress, for the day of fight and battle? 24 Where is the way [to the spot where] the light divideth itself, [where] the east wind is scattered over the earth? 25 Who hath divided off watercourses for the overflowing rain, and a way for the lightning [that is followed by] thunders, 26 To bring rain on a land, void of men; on a wilderness wherein no son of earth [is found]; 27 To satisfy waste and desolate lands; and to promote the growth of the tender grass? 28 Hath the rain a father? or who hath begotten the drops of the dew? 29 Out of whose womb cometh forth the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven—who giveth birth to it? 30 [When] like a stone the waters are congealed, and the face of the deep is bound in fetters? 31 Canst thou bind together the chains of the Pleiades, or loosen the bands of Orion? 32 Canst thou bring forth the constellations of the zodiac, each in its season? or canst thou guide the Bear with its young? 33 Knowest thou the laws of heaven? or dost thou appoint its rule on the earth? 34 Canst thou lift up to the clouds thy voice, that the abundance of waters may cover thee? 35 Canst thou send out lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here are we? 36 Who hath put wisdom in the dark clouds? or who hath given understanding to the bright meteors? 37 Who ordaineth the skies with wisdom? or who emptieth out the bottles of heaven. 38 When the dust is poured out as molten metal, and the clods are made to cleave fast together? 39 Dost thou hunt for the lioness her prey? and suppliest thou the food for the young lions, 40 When they are couched in their lairs, rest in the thicket, lying in wait? 41 Who provideth for the raven his provision? when his young ones cry unto God, and wander about for lack of food?