Then answered Job, and said, Oh that my vexation could be truly weighed, and my calamity; oh that men might lift it up in the balances at once! For now it is already heavier than the sand of the sea: therefore are my words confused. For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison whereof my spirit drinketh it: the terrors of God set themselves in array against me. Doth the wild ass bray over the grass? or loweth the ox over his fodder? Is ever tasteless food eaten without salt? or is there any flavor in the white of an egg? My soul refuseth to touch them: they are unto me like disgusting food. Oh that some one would grant the accomplishment of my request; and that God would grant me the fulfillment of my hope! Yea, that it would please God that he might crush me: that he would let loose his hand, and make an end of me! 10 Then would this be still my comfort; yea, I would rejoice in my pain while be would not spare: that I have not gainsaid the commands of the Holy One.— 11 What is my strength, that I should wait? and what my end, that I should yet longer retain my patience? 12 Is the strength of stones my strength? or is my flesh brazen? 13 Truly, am I not without my help in me? and is not wise counsel driven far away from me? 14 As though I were one who refuseth kindness to his friend, and forsaketh the fear of the Almighty: 15 My brothers are treacherous as a brook, like flowing brooks they pass along; 16 Which are made turbid by reason of the ice, wherein the snow hideth itself; 17 At the time when they feel the warmth, they vanish; when it is hot, they are quenched out of their place. 18 The paths of their course wind themselves along; they go in the wilderness and are lost. 19 The caravans of Thema look hither, the travelling companies Sheba hope for them; 20 But they stand ashamed because they had trusted; they come thither and are made to blush. 21 For truly now ye are like such a one: ye see my terrible state and are afraid. 22 Have I then ever said, Give me something, and out of your property offer a bribe in my behalf? 23 And deliver me from the hand of the adversary? and redeem from the hand of tyrants? 24 Teach me, and I will indeed remain silent; and wherein I erred give me to understand. 25 How pleasant are straightforward words! but what doth arguing prove? 26 Do ye think to reprove words, and [to regard] as wind the speeches of one that is despairing? 27 Yea, ye would cast any thing upon the fatherless, and ye would dig a pit against your friend. 28 But now, if it please you, turn yourselves toward me, and [say] whether I would lie before your face. 29 Reflect again, I pray you, there will be no wrong: yea, reflect once more, my righteousness [will be found] therein. 30 Is there any wrong on my tongue? or should my palate not understand [if I spoke] what is iniquitous?