And the rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem: and the rest of the people cast lots, to bring one of every ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city, and the nine parts to [remain] in the [other] cities. And the people blessed all the men, that offered themselves voluntarily to dwell at Jerusalem. Now these are the chiefs of the province that dwelt in Jerusalem; but in the cities of Judah dwelt every one in his possession in their cities, [to wit,] Israel, the priests, and the Levites, and the temple-servants, and the children of Solomon's servants. And at Jerusalem dwelt certain of the children of Judah, and of the children of Benjamin. Of the children of Judah: 'Athayah the son of 'Uzziyah, the son of Zechariah, the son of Amaryah, the son of Shephatyah, the son of Mahalalel, of the children of Perez: And Ma'asseyah the son of Baruch, the son of Kol-chozeh, the son of Chazayah, the son of 'Adayah, the son of Joyarib, the son of Zechariah, the son of Hashiloni; All the sons of Perez that dwelt at Jerusalem were four hundred sixty and eight valiant men. And these are the sons of Benjamin: Sallu the son of Meshullam, the son of Jo'ed, the son of Pedayah, the son of Kolayah, the son of Ma'asseyah, the son of Ithiel, the son of Jessha'yah; And next to him Gabbai, Sallai; nine hundred twenty and eight. And Joel the son of Zichri was overseer over them; and Judah the son of Hassenuah was second over the city. 10 Of the priests: Jedayah the son of Joyarib, Jachin: 11 Serayah the son of Chilkiyah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Zadok, the son of Merayoth, the son of Achitub, the superintendent of the house of God; 12 And their brethren who did the work of the house, eight hundred twenty and two; and 'Adayah the son of Jerocham, the son of Pelalyah, the son of Amzi, the son of Zechariah, the son of Pashchur, the son of Malkiyah; 13 And his brethren, chiefs of the divisions, two hundred forty and two; and 'Amashsai the son of 'Azarel, the son of Achsai, the son of Meshillemoth, the son of Immer; 14 And their brethren, mighty men of valor, one hundred twenty and eight; and the overseer over them was Zabdiel, the son of Haggedolim. 15 Also of the Levites: Shema'yah the son of Chasshub, the son of 'Azrikam, the son of Chashabyah, the son of Bunni; 16 And Shabbethai and Jozabad, of the chiefs of the Levites, had the oversight of the outward business of the house of God; 17 And Matthaniah the son of Micha, the son of Zabdi, the son of Assaph, the principal to begin the thanksgiving at prayer; and Bakbukyah the second among his brethren and 'Abda the son of Shammua', the son of Galal, the son of Jeduthun. 18 All the Levites in the holy city were two hundred eighty and four. 19 And the gatekeepers, Akkub, Talmon and their brethren that watched at the gates, were one hundred seventy and two. 20 And the residue of Israel, of the priests, and the Levites, were in all the cities of Judah, every one in his inheritance. 21 But the temple-servants dwelt in the hill-fort; and Zicha and Gishpa were over the temple-servants. 22 And the overseer of the Levites at Jerusalem was 'Uzzi the son of Bani, the son of Chashabyah, the son of Matthanyah, the son of Micha, one of the sons of Assaph, the singers, over the business of the house of God. 23 For the king's command was obligatory on them; and there was a fixed rate for the singers, the requirement of every day on its day. 24 And Pethachyah the son of Meshezabel, of the children of Zerach the son of Judah, was at the king's hand in every thing concerning the people. 25 And respecting the villages with their fields, some of the children of Judah dwelt at Kiryath-arba' and in its villages, and at Dibon and in its villages, and at Jekabzeel and in its villages. 26 And at Jeshua', and at Moladah, and at Beth-phelet, 27 And at Chazar-shu'al, and at Beer-sheba' and in its villages, 28 And at Ziklag, and at Mechonah and in its villages, 29 And at 'En-rimmon, and at Zor'ah, and at Yarmuth, 30 Zanoach, 'Adullam, and in their villages, at Lachish and its fields, at 'Azekah and in its villages. And they dwelt from Beer-sheba' as far as the valley of Hinnom. 31 And the children of Benjamin [dwelt], beginning from Geba', at Michmash, and 'Ay-ya, and Beth-el, and in their villages, 32 'Anathoth, Nob, 'Ananyah, 33 Chazor, Ramah, Gittayim. 34 Chadid, Zebo'im, Neballat, 35 Lod, and Ono, the valley of the carpenters. 36 And of the Levites dwelt certain divisions in Judah, and in Benjamin.