“To the chief musician, upon Jeduthun, a psalm of David.” (62:2) Only in God my soul trusted in silence: from him cometh my salvation. (62:3) Only he is my rock and my salvation; [he is] my defense: I shall not be greatly moved. (62:4) How long will ye devise mischief against a man? will ye all assault him murderously, as though he were a falling wall, a tottering fence? (62:5) Yea, from his height do they take counsel to cast [him] down; they delight in lies: with their mouth do they bless, but inwardly do they curse. Selah. (62:6) Yea, in God hope in silence, my soul; for from him is my expectation. (62:7) Only he is my rock and my salvation; [he is] my defence: I shall not be moved. (62:8) With God are my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength [and] my protection are in God. (62:9) Trust in him at all times, O ye people; pour out before him your heart: God is a protection for us. Selah. (62:10) Verily nought are the sons of common men, a lie the sons of the great; they must rise in the balance; they are altogether [lighter] than nought. 10 (62:11) Do not put your trust in defrauding, and be not rendered vain through robbery: if riches flourish, set not your heart [upon them]. 11 (62:12) Once hath God spoken; [yea,] twice [what] I have heard: that strength belongeth unto God. 12 (62:13) And unto thee, O Lord, belongeth kindness; for thou wilt recompense every man according to his works.