And the sons of Issachar were, Tola', and Puah, Yashub, and Shimron, four. And the sons of Tola': 'Uzzi, and Rephayah, and Jeriel, and Jachmai, and Yibsam, and Shemuel, heads of their family divisions, of Tola', being valiant men of might, after their descent. Their number in the days of David was two and twenty thousand and six hundred. And the sons of 'Uzzi: Yizrachyah. And the sons of Yizrachyah: Michael, and 'Obadiah, and Joel, Yishiyah, five, chief men all of them. And with them according to their descent, after their family divisions, were bands of the army for war, six and thirty thousand men; for they had many wives and sons. And their brethren of all the families of Issachar were valiant men of might, eighty and seven thousand reckoned by their genealogies in all. Of Benjamin: Bela', and Becher, and Jedi'ael, three. And the sons of Bela': Ezbon, and 'Uzzi, and 'Uzziel, and Jerimoth, and 'Iri, five, heads of family divisions, being mighty men of valor; and they were reckoned by their genealogies twenty and two thousand and thirty and four. And the sons of Becher: Zemirah, and Jo'ash, and Eli'ezer, and Elyo'enai, and 'Omri, and Jeremoth, and Abiyah, and 'Anathoth, and 'Alemeth. All these are the sons of Becher. And reckoned by their genealogy after their descent, heads of their family divisions, mighty men of valor, there were twenty thousand and two hundred. 10 And the sons of Jedi'ael: Bilhan. And the sons of Bilhan: Je'ush, and Benjamin, and Ehud, and Kena'anah, and Zethan, and Tharshish, and Achishachar. 11 All these the sons of Jedi'ael by the heads of their divisions, being mighty men of valor, were seventeen thousand and two hundred, fit to go out to the army for war. 12 And Shuppim, and Chuppim, the children of 'Ir, and Chushim, the sons of Acher. 13 The sons of Naphtali: Jachziel, and Guni, and Jezer, and Shallum, the sons of Bilhah. 14 The sons of Menasseh: Assriel, whom [his wife] bore; his concubine the Aramitess bore Machir the father of Gil'ad. 15 And Machir took for wife [the sister] of Chuppim and Shuppim, whose sister's name was Ma'achah. And the name of the second was Zelophehad: and Zelophehad had daughters. 16 And Ma'achah the wife of Machir bore a son, and she called his name Peresh; and the name of his brother was Sheresh; and his sons were Ulam and Rekem. 17 And the sons of Ulam: Bedan. These were the sons of Gil'ad, the son of Machir, the son of Menasseh. 18 And his sister Hammolecheth bore Isshod, and Abi'ezer, and Machlah. 19 And the sons of Shemida' were, Achyan, and Shechem, and Likchi, and Ani'am. 20 And the sons of Ephraim: Shuthelach, and Bered his son, and Tachath his son, and El'adah his son, and Tachath his son, 21 And Zabad his son, and Shuthelach his son, and 'Ezer, and El'ad, whom the men of Gath that were born in that land slew, when they came down to take away their cattle. 22 And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brethren came to comfort him. 23 And he went in to his wife, and she conceived, and bore a son, and he called his name Beri'ah, because misfortune had come into his house. 24 And his daughter was Sheerah, who built Beth-choron the lower, and the upper, and Uzzen-sheerah. 25 And Rephach was his son, also Resheph, and Telach his son, and Tachan his son. 26 La'dan his son, 'Ammihud his son, Elishama' his son, 27 Non his son, Jehoshua' his son. 28 And their possessions and dwelling-places were, Beth-el and its villages, and at the east Na'aran, and at the west Gezer, with its villages, and Shechem with its villages, as far as Gazzah and its villages. 29 And by the borders of the children of Menasseh: Beth-shean and its villages, Ta'nach and its villages, Megiddo and its villages, Dor and its villages. In these dwelt the children of Joseph the son of Israel. 30 The sons of Asher: Yimnah, and Yishvah, and Yishvi, and Beri'ah, and Serach their sister. 31 And the sons of Beri'ah: Cheber, and Malkiel, who is the father of Birzavith. 32 And Cheber begat Yaphlet, and Shomer, and Chotham, and Shu'a their sister. 33 And the sons of Yaphiet: Passach, and Bimhal, and 'Ashvath. These are the children of Yaphlet. 34 And the sons of Shemer: Achi, and Rohgah, and Chubbah and Aram. 35 And the sons of his brother Helem: Zophach, and Yimna', and Shelesh, and 'Amal 36 The sons of Zophach: Suach, and Charnepher, and Shu'al, and Berl, and Yimrah, 37 Bezer, and Hod, and Shamma, and Shilshah, and Yithran, and Beera. 38 And the sons of Jether: Jephunneh, and Pisspah, and Ara. 39 And the sons of 'Ulla: Arach, and Chaniel, and Rizya. 40 All these were the children of Asher, heads of their family divisions, selected mighty men of valor, chiefs of the princes. And being recorded according to their genealogy for the army for the war, their number was of men twenty and six thousand.