Bible Story readers A & B
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One day Jesus was sitting in that big house, in God's house, in the Temple. A big box for money was there. People were bringing money for God, they were putting it in that box. Jesus was sitting near that money box. (While) they were putting (in) money, he was watching them.
Some with a lot of money [lit 'with many monies'] were putting in big money. Then a poor widow woman came. Her husband had died long ago. She put in two small coins ('stones' = 'monies') for God. They were the last she had. After giving those two that widow was without money.
Jesus said to his men, “Did you see that poor woman? She had very little money. She put in everything for God. Now she has no money for food or whatever. Those others have lots of money. From many they gave just some for God. They put in as it were only a little for God. That poor widow woman gave as it were a big amount. She gave just everything for God.
* 1: The word used here, kampurta, means: (1) 'widow / widower' for Karajarri and some Coastal speakers; (other Coastal speakers use matunyu, and say that kampurta is not a word in the Coastal dialect), (2) 'infant' for Kariyarra, and (3) 'orphan / bereaved parent' (child who has lost a parent or a parent who has lost a child) for Martu Wangka. We have therefore added the sentence to specify that her husband had died.