One day Jesus was standing near the water at the waterhole Galilee.
Many came to him, he was teaching them God's word. They were crowding each other in order to hear him.
He looked around a bit, he saw two dinghies at the edge of the water. The fishermen had already got down/disembarked, they were washing their nets.
Jesus climbed into one dinghy, Simon's. He said to Simon, “Push the dinghy for me into the water a bit.” There he was sitting in the dinghy, he was teaching them from the dinghy.
He finished teaching them, he said to Simon, “You (sg) take (it) to the deep water [lit. 'to the waterhole'], you (pl) put nets in the water for fish.”
Simon said to him, “Boss, we (pl.ex) worked in vain all night [lit. 'till sunrise'], we did not get even one fish. Because of your word we will put in the nets.”
Then they took the dinghy to the deep water, Simon and the others put the nets in the water. Many fish truly they got, the net almost tore.
They talked with their hands to two in another dinghy to come, to James and John, Zebedee's two sons. Then they (pl) were filling the two dinghies with fish. There were very many fish, heavy, the water nearly swallowed the two dinghies.
Those fishermen saw the very many fish. They were truly happily surprised.
Simon knelt down to Jesus. He said to him, “Boss, I am bad. You might go away from me*. Jesus said to him, “Don't be afraid. Before you were getting fish. Now with (your) words you will keep on getting people for God.” After that they (pl) pulled the two dinghies from the water, they left the boats and nets on the ground on the rise, they went with Jesus.
* 11: This form is a polite suggestion.