One time Jesus was going on foot, he came close to a town. There ten men saw him. They were sick, their skin was very bad. They stood at a distance, they called loudly to him, “Jesus! Boss! Please be sorry for us who are sick. Heal us!”
He replied, “Go to God's leaders, ask them to look carefully at your skin.”
At his word they went. While they were going they became well.
One man looked at himself, his skin was smooth. Straight away he came back, he was calling loudly, “God is good.” He knelt down in front of Jesus, he said to him, “You have done a good thing for me.”
This man who returned was not a Jew, he was a stranger, from another nation, he was an inhabitant of Samaria.
Jesus said to his mob, “Truly ten men became well. Why did the other nine not return? Only one, and he's a stranger, returned to say, 'God is good'.” Then he said to him, “You believed God for (something) good. Therefore you became well. Stand up, you will go well.”