Every spingtime many Jewish people used to go to the big town, to Jerusalem. They used to go there in order to praise God in a group. For that Jesus' mother and father used to go also.
When Jesus was 12 years old (lit. 'having 12 winters') his mother and father took him also to Jerusalem.
They were there in a group every day, for 8 days. After that his mother and father left Jerusalem to return to their country. Many others also were leaving Jerusalem. Jesus was staying in Jerusalem. His parents were ignorant about that. They were thinking he is coming with others.
Those two continued walking during the day. It became twilight, they did not see Jesus. They were asking their acquaintances,
“Have you seen our son?”
“No, we haven't seen him.”
In vain those two were searching for him.
In the morning they returned to Jersalem to look for him. At sundown they camped in Jerusalem. Next day they were looking for him. At last they saw him in God's big house, the Temple, there they saw him. Jesus was sitting there with the teachers, he was listening to them, he was asking them about God.
Those teachers were wondering about him. They were saying to each other, “Payi! [expression of surprise]. This adolescent boy truly knows God's word. He is just a lad. How did he learn like that?”
When his mother and father saw Jesus they became happily surprised. His mother said to him, “Child! Your father and I have been upset about you. Truly we have been looking for you everywhere. Why were you staying here?”
Jesus said to them, “Why were you two looking for me? Were you ignorant about me, truly I should be in my father's house? Why did you two not know you should look for me right here?”
Those two were puzzling, they did not understand his word.
After that they (pl.) returned to their country, to their camp, in Nazareth. Jesus continued to obey them. His mother kept on thinking about Jesus' words.
Jesus was growing up and he was learning, he was growing in understanding (Lit. he was keeping it in his ear/mind). God was pleased with him, all the people also liked him.