Ogea New Testament
Published 2013
Published by:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
The New Testament in the Ogea language
Madang Province, Papua New Guinea
© 2013 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
First Edition 2013 1,544
ISBN 0 86893 471 2
Hilou Beele Beha Nomo Beele Mora
Beele beha Itou nomo hilou beele Ogea beele langa yeregeiha. Amugou langa ere Itou nomo beele isei nomo bode nere matane beele fereha ila bagu, neei beele bagu langa yeregane. Ariya ere elebe hilou beele beha no Saut kos Madang provins ere hage ebere Ogea beele langa ubulumu yaha. Ere 4 tausen fai-aita magana mene-mene bagu onou, Ogea beele beha le-leya. Ere beele beha, Neei beele baibel buk bagu Inglish baibel buk bagu langa onounga oojodu ure boya ubulumudu yeregei. Buk beha huwanya langa beele matau anyakaro no Matiu, Mak, Luk, Jon, nere waha langa inyide. Nere Yesus Kristus haruwe tai waha nomo aasa bode hayaneha. Waha oojo nigou buk ila fere huwanya langa inyide, goi Revelesen no huwari beele dada elebe bagu, iinga huunta langa bagu, heigodbode waha malalamudu lena. Onou bona saini ere Itou nomo hilou beele beha uredu le-legedu oojo woya langa, no nomo figiniwou edo ere langa bolowona bona. Ngalenga.
This is God’s Good News in the Ogea language. Before when we wanted to hear the Good News, it was written in other languages, including Tok Pisin. But now we have translated this Good News into our own language, Ogea, which is spoken by about four thousand people living on the coast south of Madang in the Madang Province of Papua New Guinea. We carefully used both Pidgin and English translations as we translated into Ogea. Within the book a large portion consists of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These tell the story of the work of Jesus Christ. Other books follow, ending in the book of Revelation, which speaks in symbolic language of things that are happening now and will happen later. As we read this Word of God and follow it, may His blessing rest upon us in great measure.
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Tok Orait
Dispela Buk Baibel i kam wantaim tok orait na lo bilong Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license. Em i tok olsem yu ken givim kopi long narepela manmeri. Yu ken wokim kopi na givim long husat i laikim. Tasol, yu mas tok klia dispela samting i kam long Na tu, yu no ken senisim Tok.
Ol piksa i kam wantim ol Baibel na narapela buk i stap long dispela sait i gat tok orait long usim wantaim dispela samting tasol. Sapos yu laik narapela tok orait, yu mas askim husat i papa bilong copyright long dispela ol piksa.
Sapos yu laik stretim samting i no orait long dispela tok orait, stretim tok, salim Buk Baibel, o tainim Tok bilong God long nupela tok ples, yu ken askim mipela.
Olgeta tok orait na lo long tok ples English i stap long
Sapos yu gat askim long dispela, plis askim mipela.