Da Gibeon Peopo Bulai Da Israel Peopo
All da kings dat stay da west side a da Jordan Riva hear dat da Israel peopo wen win ova da peopo dat stay agains dem. Az da kings dat live up country an by da Mediterranean Sea coast, all da way to Lebanon: da kings fo da Het peopo, da Amor peopo, da Canaan peopo, da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo. So dey all come togedda an tell one ting: “Gotta go make war agains Joshua an da Israel peopo.”
But wen da Gibeon peopo hear wat Joshua wen do to Jericho an Ai, dey figga mo betta bulai da Israel peopo. Dey go fo talk to Joshua wit donkeys fo carry dea food. But dey load da donkeys wit poho kine burmbag sacks, an ol ledda bags fo wine wit cracks dey wen patch up. Da guys get wore out slippas dey wen fix, an boros clotheses. All dea bread dey get fo eat, stay dry an broke up in small kine pieces. Dey go by Joshua inside da camp Gilgal side. Dey tell him an da Israel guys, “Us guys come from one far place. Make one deal wit us.”
Da Israel guys tell da Hiv guys from Gibeon, “Maybe you guys live nea us. If dass how, no way us guys goin make one deal wit you guys!” Dey tell Joshua, “Us, yoa worka guys.” But Joshua tell dem “Who you guys? Wea you come from?”
Dey tell, “Us yoa worka guys, an us come from one real far place, cuz we wen hear bout you guys dat God Da One In Charge. We hear bout all he wen do inside Egypt, 10 an all he do to da two kings fo da Amor peopo, da east side a da Jordan Riva—Sihon da king fo Heshbon an Og da king fo Bashan dat live Ashtarot side. 11 So oua older leadas an all da peopo inside oua country tell us, ‘Take stuffs fo yoa trip, an go meet dem. Tell dem, “We yoa worka guys. Try make one deal wit us guys.” 12 Dis bread we get was warm wen we make um ready fo come by you guys. But now, look! Stay all dry up an all broke up. 13 Dese wineskins was new wen we fill dem up, but now, look! Get cracks. Oua clotheses an slippas get pukas from da long trip.’ ”
14 So da Israel guys eat litto bit a dea food. But dey no aks Da One In Charge fo tell um wat fo do. 15 Den Joshua make one deal wit dem fo come dea frenz an let um stay alive, an da leada guys make one strong promise fo keep da deal, fo erybody know dat dey goin do um.
16 Three day afta dey make da deal wit da Gibeon guys, da Israel peopo hear dat da Gibeon peopo live nea dem. 17 So da Israel guys go dea. Day numba three, dey come by da Hiv towns: Gibeon, Kefirah, Beerot, an Kiriat-Jearim. 18 Da Israel guys no attack dem, cuz da leada guys fo dea peopo wen make one strong promise to dem in front Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo.
But all da Israel peopo come togedda an grumble bout dea leadas, cuz dey wen make one deal wit dose peopo. 19 But all da leadas tell, “Us guys wen make one strong promise to dem in front Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo, fo us no hurt dem now. 20 Dis wat we goin do to dem: We goin let dem stay alive, so God no come real huhu an punish us fo go agains da strong promise we wen make to dem.” 21 Da leada guys tell, “Let dem stay alive. But let dem cut wood an carry watta fo all us Israel peopo.” So az how da leadas keep dea promise to da Gibeon peopo.
22 Den Joshua tell da Gibeon guys fo come by him. He tell dem, “How come you guys bulai us an tell us, ‘We live far from you guys’ wen you live nea us? 23 Now you guys get kahuna put on top you. From now, we ony goin let you guys cut wood an carry watta fo da house fo my God.”
24 Da Gibeon guys tell Joshua, “Us, yoa worka guys. Somebody wen tell us, dat yoa God, Da One In Charge, wen tell his worka guy Moses, fo give you guys all da land an fo wipe out all us peopo dat live ova hea. Az why we come sked us goin mahke cuz a you guys. Az how come us wen make lidat. 25 Now, you guys get powa ova us guys. So go make to us wat you figga stay good an right.”
26 An dass wat Joshua do. He let da Gibeon guys stay alive, an no let da Israel guys kill dem. 27 From dat time, he make da Gibeon peopo cut wood an carry watta fo da Israel peopo, an fo da altar fo make sacrifice fo Da One In Charge, at da place Da One In Charge pick. An dass wat dey do still yet till now.
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