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Unlocked Literal Bible in the Ilocano language of the Republic of the Philippines

copyright © 2019 Door43 World Missions Community
Language: Ilocano
Translation by: Door43 World Missions Community
Contributor: Alexander D. Pagtacunan Sr., Ambrocio A. Dat-ay Jr., Anabel Magulod, Angelita H. Goco, Arlyn D. Fianza, Daniel Disay, Ely F. Belisario, Euhler Evangelista, Fredelyn R. Castillo, Gerry D. Pido, Gerwine P. Puguon, Irene China Covita, Jacquelyn Pinchingan , Jeffrey G. Arevalo, Jennilyn D. Inway, Jhun Dat-ay, Jomar N. Puclalay, Johnny Ray Lumawan, Jonathan D. Castillo, Jovy M. Lacaden, Juvie K. Jose, Karen F. Acio, Leonardo M. Disay, Liwliwa V. Ario, Lynn Castillo, Marben Obra, Marie fe Lardizabal, Maripple Lopez, Mary johanna delos Reyes, May ann Antonio, Micah H. Asis, Michael L. Pagtacunan, Miriam B. Pido, Nathaniel H. Pascio, Nerissa A. Kildo, Nieves Abluyan, Novie M. Espara, Ralph B. Lantion, Raymond, Recelyn Camilo, Reymark, Robert Diser, Rommel Flores, Sarah Aniban, Shirley L. Espiritu, Susan L. Soliven, Tomas Domingo, William Tolentino, Ambrocio A. Dat-ay, Arlyn D. Fianza, Bernard Serquina, Bernie Abarquez, David Castillo, Delfin Asis, Euhler Evangelista, Grace Delos Santos, Jhon Alicay, Jhon Sibayan, Jomar N. Puclalay, Jonathan D. Castillo, Jovy M. Lacaden, Juvie K. Jose, Karen F. Acio, Liwliwa V. Ario, Lorenzo Marilao, Marben Obra, Marlon Aggasid, Mary Johanna delos reyes acob, May ann Antonio, Michael L. Pagtacunan, Mila Agpalasin, Myrna Santos, Nerissa A. Kildo, Nieves Abluyan, Pablo Bernardino, Ralph B. Lantion, Recelyn Camilo, Ronnie Acob, Rudy Pascual, Sanie Castillo, Sarah Aniban, Shirley L. Espiritu, Tano Emboc,

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