David found out about Saul's death
David's song about Saul and Jonathan
David was appointed to be the king of Judah
Ishbosheth was appointed to be the king of Israel
The war between the armies of Judah and Israel
Joab's brother Asahel was killed
David's sons born at Hebron
Abner decided that David would be king of all of them
Joab murdered Abner
Ishbosheth was murdered
David became the king of all the Israeli tribes
David's army captured Jerusalem
David's army defeated the Philistines
They moved the sacred chest to Jerusalem
What God promised David
David gave thanks to God
David's army won many victories
David was kind to Mephibosheth
David's army defeated the Ammon people-group
David sinned with Bathsheba
Nathan rebuked David
David's baby died
David's army captured Rabbah
Amnon raped Absalom's sister
Joab cleverly arranged for Absalom to return
Absalom rebelled against David
David escaped from Jerusalem
Ziba gave food to David and the others
Shimei cursed David
Ahithophel gave advice to Absalom
Hushai arranged for a report to be sent to David
David's men prepared for the battle
Joab killed Absalom
The report of Absalom's death reached David
Joab rebuked the king
The people of Israel and Judah wanted David to be their king again
The troops from Judah and Israel argued
Sheba rebelled against David
The people of Gibeon got revenge for what Saul did
The battles against the giants of Philistia
David's song to praise Yahweh
David's final message
David's three greatest warriors
The thirty great warriors
The list of the great warriors
David ordered a census to be taken