This book contains the account of Ezekiel foretelling about Jerusalem being destroyed and rebuilt. We call this book
Ezekiel saw Yahweh’s glory
1-2  I am Ezekiel, a priest, the son of Buzi. When I was 30 years old, I wasliving among theIsraeli people who had been ◄exiled from/forced to leave► Judahand had come to Babylon. I was living along the Kebar River/Canalsouth of Babylon. Almost five years after King Jehoiachin had been ◄exiled/forced to leave Judah►, on the fifth day of the fourth monthof that year, it was as though the sky was opened and I saw visions from God.
On that day, God gave me messagesin visions here in Babylonia, and I felt the power [MTY] of Yahweh on me.
In one of the visions, I saw a windstorm coming from the north. There was a huge cloud, and lightning was flashing continually, and a brilliant light surrounded the cloud. In the center of where the lightning was flashing there was something that resembled glowing bronze. In the center of the storm I saw what resembled four living creatures. They resembled humans, but each of them had four faces and four wings [DOU]. Their legs were straight. Their feet resembled the hooves of calves, and the creatures shone like polished bronze. On their four sides under their wings there were hands like humans have. As the four creaturesstood there, they formed a circle/square, with their wings touching each other. They did not turn when they were moving; they went straight ahead.
10 Eachof the creatures had four faces. The face that was in front of each one was a face that resembled a human face. The face on the right side resembled a lion’s face. The face on the left side resembled an ox’s face. The face in back resembled an eagle’s face. 11 Two of each creature’s wings were lifted up and touched the wings of the creatures that were on each side. The other two wings were folded against the creature’s body. 12 The creatures went straight ahead in whatever direction the spiritthat controlled/guided them wanted them to go, without changing directions while they were moving. 13 Thefour creatures resembled burning coals or torches. A blazing fire moved back and forth among the creatures, and lighting flashed from among them. 14 The creatures moved back and forthextremely rapidly, like [SIM] flashes of lightning.
15 While I looked at the four living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each of them. 16 Each of the wheels was the same, and they all shone like [SIM] ◄chrysolite/a valuable green stone►. Each seemed to have one wheel inside another wheel. 17 Whenever they moved, they would go straight in one of the four directions that they faced; they did not turnin another direction while they moved. 18 The rims of the wheels were covered with eyes.
19 Whenever the living creatures moved, the wheels moved with them. So whenever the creatures rose from the ground, the wheelsalso rose up. 20 Wherever the spiritthat controlled the creatures wanted the creatures to go, they went, and the wheels went with them, because the spiritthat controlled/guided them was in the wheels [DOU]. 21 Whenever the creatures moved, the wheels moved. Whenever the creatures stoodstill, the wheels stopped. Whenever the creatures rose up from the ground, the wheels rose up with them.
22 Above the heads of the creatures there was something that resembled a dome. It shone like ice (OR, crystal) shines, and it was awesome. 23 Under the dome, the creatures stretched out their wings. Each one had two wings; each wing stretched towards the creature thatwas next to it, and two wings that were against the creature’s body. 24 Whenever the creatures moved, their wings made a sound that resembled the roar made by a rushing stream. It also sounded like the voice of Almighty God, and like [SIM] the noise of a huge army marching. Whenever the creatures stood stillon the ground, they lowered their wings.
25 While they stoodon the ground with their wings lowered, there was a voice from the dome that was over their heads. 26 Above the dome was something that resembled ahuge thronethat was made of a huge ◄sapphire/valuable blue stone►. Sitting on the throne was someone that resembled a human. 27 I saw that above his waist his body resembled metal that was glowing as though it hada very hot fire inside it. And I saw that below his waist there was a very brilliant light that surrounded him. 28 Itshone like [SIM] a rainbow shines in the clouds on a rainy day.
That was the brilliant light that represented the presence of Yahweh. When I saw it, I prostrated myself on the ground, and I heard him speak.