Those who want to know what is right to do want to be ◄disciplined/corrected► when they do what is wrong;
it is foolish to not want to be ◄corrected/told that what you did is wrong►.
Yahweh is pleased with good people,
but he condemns those who plan to harm others.
People do not become secure/safe by doing what is wicked;
righteous people will be very safe and secure [LIT] like [MET] a tree that has deep roots.
A good wife is one who causes her husband to be greatly honored,
but a wife who does things that cause her husband to be ashamed will destroy him like [SIM] cancer destroys his bones.
What righteous people want to do is to treat people fairly;
what wicked people want to do is to deceive people.
What wicked people say is like a trap [MET] that kills [MTY] people who pass by,
but what righteous people say [MTY] rescues those whom wicked people threaten to harm.
Wicked people will die before they become old and we will see them no more,
but righteous people will live for many years and have many descendants.
People will praise those who have good sense,
but people will despise those ◄who are always thinking about doing evil things/whose thinking is twisted►.
It is better to be a humble/ordinary person who has only one servant
than to think that you are very important while you have nothing to eat.
10 Righteous people take care of their domestic animals,
but wicked people act cruelly toward their animals.
11 Farmers who work hard in their fields will produce good crops that will give them plenty to eat,
but those who waste their time working on worthless projects are foolish.
12 Wicked people desire to take away what other evil people have,
but Yahweh enables righteous/godly people to be steadfast and productive [MET].
13 Evil people are trapped by the evil things that they say [MTY],
but righteous people escape from trouble.
14 People are rewarded for the good things that they say to others,
and people are also rewarded for the good work that they do [MTY].
15 Foolish people always think that what they are doing is right;
wise people heed other people when they give them good advice.
16 Foolish people quickly become angry when someone does something that they don’t like;
but those who have good sense ignore it when others insult them.
17  In the courtroom, honest people say what is true,
but untruthful/dishonest people tell nothing but lies.
18 What some people say hurts people badly, as much as [SIM] a sword can;
but what wise people say ◄heals others’ souls/comforts others►.
19 When people tell [MTY] lies, others soon realize that what they said is not true [IDM];
but when people say what is true, others will remember that forever.
20 Those who plan to do what is evil are always wanting to deceive others,
but things will go well for those who plan to do good things.
21 Bad things usually [HYP] do not happen to righteous people,
but wicked people always have troubles.
22 Yahweh detests those [MTY] who tell lies,
but he is delighted with those who faithfully do what they promise that they will do.
23 Those with good sense do not reveal all that they know;
foolish people show clearly by what they say that they ◄are ignorant/have not learned much►.
24 Those [SYN] who work hard become rulers of others;
those who are lazy become slaves of others.
25 When people are anxious/worried, they become depressed/dejected,
but when others speak kindly to them, it causes them to be cheerful again.
26 Godly/Righteous people try to give good advice to their friends (OR, try to make friends with others),
but the manner in which wicked people live misleads their friends.
27 Lazy people do not even cook the meat of the animals that they catch/kill,
but those who work hard will acquire (OR, are like) a valuable treasure.
28 Those who ◄live righteously/continually do what is right► are walking on the road to a long life;
◄it is not a road to death/they will not die when they are still young►.