When people are angry with you, reply to them gently, and it will calm them;
but if you reply harshly to them, it causes them to become more angry.
When wise people speak [MTY], it causes those who hear what they say to want to know more;
foolish people continually say [MTY] what is foolish.
Yahweh sees [MTY] what is happening everywhere;
he observes what bad people do as well as what good people do.
Those who speak [MTY] kindly to people are like [MET] trees whose fruit gives life;
speaking what is false causes people to ◄despair/feel very discouraged►.
Foolish children despise their parents when their parents correct/discipline them;
wise children accept it.
There are many valuable things in the houses of righteous people;
the wealth of wicked people causes them to have troubles/difficulties.
What wise people teach [MTY] causes others to know much more,
but foolish people cannot teach others what is useful.
Yahweh detests the sacrifices that are offered by wicked people;
what delights/pleases him very much are the prayers of righteous/good people.
Yahweh hates/detests the behavior of wicked people,
but he loves those who always do what is righteous/just/fair.
10 Those who do what is wrong will be severely punished;
those who do not want to be corrected will die.
11 Yahweh knows what is happening in the place where dead people [DOU] are,
so he certainly knows [RHQ] what people are thinking.
12 Some people do not want to be corrected;
they never go to wise people to seek good advice from them.
13 When people are happy, they have smiles on their faces;
but when they are sad, by looking at their faces we can see that they are sad.
14 Those who have good sense want to learn more;
foolish people [MTY] are very satisfied with being foolish/ignorant.
15 Those who are oppressed constantly have difficulties,
but those who (OR, if they) are happy, it is as though [MET] they are having a big feast every day.
16 Being poor and revering Yahweh
is better than being rich and having a lot of troubles.
17 Eating meals with people whom you love and having only vegetables to eat
is better than eating with people who hate each other and having lots of good meat to eat.
18 Those who quickly become angry cause arguments/quarreling,
but those who do not quickly become angry cause people to act peacefully.
19 Lazy people constantly have difficulties [MET]; it is as though they are walking through thorns;
but those who are honest and hard-working will have few difficulties; it is as though they are walking on a level highway [MET].
20 Children who are wise cause their parents to be happy;
it is foolish children who despise their parents.
21 Foolish people are happy to continually act foolishly;
those who have good sense do what is right.
22 If there is no one to give us good advice, we will not accomplish what we are planning to do;
but when we have many good advisors, we will succeed.
23 People rejoice when they are able to reply well to what others have asked them;
truly, it is very delightful to be able to say the right thing at the right time.
24 Wise people walk on a road that leads up to a long life;
they do not walk on a road that leads down to the place where dead people are.
25 Yahweh tears down the houses of proud people,
but he protects the property of widows.
26 Yahweh detests what wicked people are thinking about doing;
but when people say what is kind, he considers those words to be pure.
27 Those who try hard to get money by acting dishonestly cause trouble for their family;
those who refuse to accept bribes will live for a long time.
28 Righteous/Good people think carefully before they answer what others ask them;
wicked people very quickly say what is evil.
29 Yahweh does not listen [MTY] to what wicked people request him to do;
he listens to righteous people when they pray.
30 If people have a smile on their faces, it makes them/others happy,
and when people hear good news, it refreshes their spirits [MTY].
31 If people pay attention when people correct/warn them,
they will become wise.
32 If people refuse to listen when others try to correct them, they are despising/hurting themselves;
those who ◄pay attention/heed► when others warn them ◄become wiser/acquire good sense►.
33 If you revere Yahweh, you will learn how to become wise,
but only after you become humble will people honor you.