Those who separate themselves from other people think only about those things that they are interested in;
if they would continually associate with those who have good judgment/sense, they would constantly disagree/quarrel with them.
Foolish people do not want to understand anything;
they only want to ◄express their own opinions/say what they think► [IDM].
Whenever people do wicked things, others will despise them;
when people do things that cause themselves to no longer be honored, they will be disgraced also.
What wise people say is like a deep ocean that you can never get to the bottom of [MET],
and it refreshes us like water from a rapidly flowing stream.
It is not good for a judge to decide matters in favor of those who ◄are guilty/have done wicked things►
and to not do what is just for those who ◄are innocent/have not done what is wrong►.
When foolish people [SYN] start arguments,
it is as though they [SYN] are requesting/inviting someone to flog/whip them.
What foolish people [MTY] say causes them to be ruined;
their own words are like a trap [MET] that catches/seizes them.
People enjoy listening to what gossips say like [SIM] they enjoy tasty food;
they accept what gossips tell them like [MET] they swallow tasty food.
People who are lazy while they work
are just as bad as [IDM] those who destroy things.
10 Yahweh [MTY] is like a strong tower [MET];
righteous people can go to him and be safe like they can run to a tower to be safe.
11 Rich people are protected because they have a lot of money [PRS]
like a city is protected because it has a high wall surrounding it [SIM].
12 Proud people are on the road to being ruined,
but being humble leads to being honored.
13 Those who reply to someone before that person has finished speaking are foolish;
doing that is disgraceful.
14 A desire to continue to live can sustain someone when he is sick;
if he loses that desire, he ◄cannot endure it/will become very discouraged► when he is sick [RHQ].
15 Intelligent people are always wanting to learn more;
wise people [SYN] are not content with what they already know.
16 If you take a gift to an important person, that will open the way to allow you to talk to him.
17 The first person to present his case in court seems right,
but when ◄someone else/his opponent► begins to ask him questions, it may become clear that what he said was not true.
18 If two influential/important people are arguing,
someone can settle the matter by ◄casting lots/throwing marked stones to decide who is right►.
19 If you help relatives, they will protect you like [SIM] a strong wall protects a city,
but if you quarrel with them, that will separate you from them like bars on a city gate separate the city from those who want to enter it [MET].
20 People are happy when they hear others say [MTY] something that is good,
like they are happy when they eat food that is good [MET].
21 What you say can cause others to be killed or it can cause them to continue to live;
so those who like to talk a lot must ◄accept the consequences/realize that what they say can cause much harm►.
22 If you marry a good woman, that is like finding a wonderful thing;
it shows that Yahweh is pleased with you.
23  It is necessary for poor people to speak politely when they request rich people to do something for them,
but rich people reply very impolitely when poor people speak to them.
24 There are some people who only pretend to be friends with us,
but there are some friends who are more loyal than members of our families.