This book contains songs that the Israeli people sang. We call this book
Book One
The people God is pleased with
God is pleased with those who do not do what [MET] wicked people advise them to do,
and who do not imitate the behavior of [MET] sinful people,
and who do not join in with people who ◄ridicule/sneer at► God.
Those whom God is pleased with delight in doing the things that he has instructed/taught us to do.
They read and think about Yahweh’s requirements, day and night.
They constantly produce/do things that please God
just like fruit trees that have been planted along the banks of a stream produce fruit at the right time every year.
Like trees that never wither,
they succeed in everything that they do.
But wicked people are not like that!
Wicked people are as worthless as chaff
that is blown away by the wind.
Therefore, wicked people ◄will not be acquitted/will be condemned► [LIT] when God judges people,
and furthermore, sinful people will not even be present when God gathers righteous people together,
because he guides and protects righteous people,
but the path that the wicked walk on leads them to where they will be destroyed/punished by God forever.