Praise Yahweh!
Sing a new song to Yahweh,
praise him whenever his faithful people gather together!
You Israeli people, be glad because of what God, who created you, has done for you!
You people of Jerusalem, rejoice because of what God your king has done for you!
Praise Yahweh by dancing, by beating/playing tambourines,
and by playing harps to praise him!
Yahweh is pleased with his people;
he honors humble people by helping them to defeat their enemies.
God’s people should rejoice because they have won battles
and they should sing joyfully all during the night!
They [MTY] should shout loudly to praise God;
but they should also hold sharp swords in their hands,
ready to use them to defeat the soldiers of nations that do not worship God,
and to punish the people of those nations,
and to fasten the arms and legs of their kings and other leaders with iron chains,
to judge and punish the people of those nations, like God wrote/declared should be done.
It is ◄a privilege/an honor► for God’s faithful people to do that!
Praise Yahweh!