If you do good, know to whom you do it,
and your good deeds will have thanks.
Do good to a godly man, and you will find a reward—
if not from him, then from the Most High.
No good will come to him who continues to do evil,
nor to him who gives no alms.
Give to the godly man,
and don’t help the sinner.
Do good to one who is lowly.
Don’t give to an ungodly man.
Keep back his bread, and don’t give it to him,
lest he subdue you with it;
for you would receive twice as much evil
for all the good you would have done to him.
For the Most High also hates sinners,
and will repay vengeance to the ungodly.* The remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.
Give to the good man,
and don’t help the sinner.
A man’s friend won’t be Or, punished fully tried in prosperity.
His enemy won’t be hidden in adversity.
In a man’s prosperity, his enemies are grieved.
In his adversity, even his friend leaves.
10 Never trust your enemy,
for his wickedness is like corrosion in copper.
11 Though he humbles himself and walks bowed down,
still be careful and beware of him.
You will be to him as one who has wiped a mirror,
to be sure it doesn’t completely tarnish.
12 Don’t set him next to you,
lest he overthrow you and stand in your place.
Don’t let him sit on your right hand,
lest he seek to take your seat,
and at the last you acknowledge my words,
and be pricked with my sayings.
13 Who will pity a charmer that is bitten by a snake,
or any who come near wild beasts?
14 Even so, who will pity him who goes to a sinner,
and is associated with him in his sins?
15 For a while he will stay with you,
and if you falter, he will not stay.
16 The enemy will speak sweetly with his lips,
and in his heart plan to throw you into a pit.
The enemy may weep with his eyes,
but if he finds opportunity, he will want more blood.
17 If adversity meets you, you will find him there before you.
Pretending to help you, he will trip you.
18 He will shake his head, clap his hands,
whisper much, and change his countenance.

*12:6 The remainder of this verse is omitted by the best authorities.

12:8 Or, punished