The memory of Josiah is like the composition of incense
prepared by the work of the perfumer.
It will be sweet as honey in every mouth,
and like music at a banquet of wine.
He did what was right in the reforming of the people,
and took away the abominations of iniquity.
He set his heart right toward the Lord.
In lawless days, he made godliness prevail.
Except David, Hezekiah, and Josiah,
all were wicked,
because they abandoned the law of the Most High.
The kings of Judah came to an end.
They gave their power to others,
and their glory to a foreign nation.
They set the chosen city of the sanctuary on fire
and made her streets desolate, as it was written by the hand of Jeremiah.
For they mistreated him;
yet he was sanctified in the womb to be a prophet,
to root out, to afflict, to destroy
and likewise to build and to plant.
Ezekiel saw the vision of glory,
which God showed him on the chariot of the cherubim.
For truly he remembered the enemies in rainstorm,
and to do good to those who directed their ways aright.
10 Also of the twelve prophets,* The remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.
may their bones flourish again out of their place.
He comforted the people of Jacob,
and delivered them by confident hope.
11 How shall we magnify Zerubbabel?
He was like a signet ring on the right hand.
12 So was Jesus the son of Josedek,
who in their days built the house,
and exalted a Some ancient authorities read temple. people holy to the Lord,
prepared for everlasting glory.
13 Also of Nehemiah the memory is great.
He raised up for us fallen walls,
set up the gates and bars,
and rebuilt our houses.
14 No man was created upon the earth like Enoch,
for he was taken up from the earth.
15 Nor was there a man born like Joseph,
a leader of his kindred, a supporter of the people.
Even his bones were cared for.
16 Shem and Seth were honored among men,
but above every living thing in the creation was Adam.

*49:10 The remainder of this line is omitted by the best authorities.

49:12 Some ancient authorities read temple.